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Baby over the counter meds

What over the counter meds for baby do you keep on hand. We have tylenol and motrin, but a couple of friends had mentioned that they had used orajel and benadry (under dr. direction). Just curious of what you keep on hand to avoid running to the store when needed.

Re: Baby over the counter meds

  • tylenol, orejel, and gas drops
  • We live far from any store that doesn't charge my left arm and first born for OTC meds, so we have a mini-pharmacy:

    Tylenol, Motrin, Teething tablets, Gripe Water, Oval and Vit D drops (when DS was smaller), Polysporin Eye/Ear drops, saline nasal drops, Auralgan ear drops, Vick's baby rub, Orajel, Desitin cream, an anti-fungal cream for yeast diaper rash, Pedialyte....hmmm and I think that's it. 


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  • motrin, tylenol, gas drops, benadryl, gripe water, teething tablets, orajel, baby rub....that's about it

    DS was super congested with his cold last was the first time the doc told me i could try 1/4 tsp. of benadry and it may help to dry him up but no cold meds. It did help him at night.

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  • image mykatydee:
    tylenol, orejel, and gas drops

    This exactly.

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