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buying a swing???

Okay, so we came to terms that our baby swing is officially (nearly) dead.   It's not under warranty and I'm not willing to spend $80 on the new motor (if that's even the problem) and because I'm pregnant DH and I decided to just go ahead and get a new one.

So.....where other than ToysRus and Amazon can I order a swing online?   I'm looking for Fisher Price.    Any ideas?   Recommendations?   Thoughts? 

My other thought of the day (yep - I had two), is that I should really start looking for a used jumperoo for at my Mom's.......we're over there a lot:)

eta:  that ships to Canada.   We are not anywhere near large centers for pick-up on used items.    I'm not opposed to used (DH is - just based on our experiences with current swing).

Re: buying a swing???

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