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sausage for baby?

anyone give their LO sausage?

I realize it's not the healthiest of meats, but i am using it to make a dip and thought I'd put a bit aside before I season it so C can try it at lunch (it's those Bob Evans tubes of that makes it sound even healthier).  I am trying to let him try anything I can think of before he gets picky in the hopes of having an adventurous eater!

Re: sausage for baby?

  • I probably wouldn't give sausage until LO was well over 12 months.  Even though you aren't seasoning the dip, the sausage will be full of peppery seasonings, even the mild type.

    JMO Smile

  • FWIW i let D try some of the fake sausage (mild) from MorningStar Farms and she HATED it.  She doesn't like veggie burgers either, though.  Maybe her being a vegetarian won't be so difficult lol.

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  • DD has tried little pieces of sausage and liked it.  We don't hold any seasonings back from her now, so she does very well with strongly flavored foods.  I didn't give her more than a few little tastes though because I'm kind of grossed out by sausages and preserved meat in general.
  • We like hickory farms kabasa (beef, pork and and turkey), he loves it.
  • Well, we've given LO sausage off of our pizza and he LOVED it...then again, he loves anything. I don't hold spices back from him anymore. He loves flavor! We don't give him much just because of the sodium content and don't want him to overload on that! But yeah, go for it and if they like it, keep it going! I am trying all different food groups as well to get him used to eating more than the usual toddler foods like "mac and cheese" or "hot dogs"...I don't think he'll have hot dogs for a loooooooong time!
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