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Does your DH go to every doctor appt?

I have a 22-week appointment today. DH has had to take a lot of time off already for medical issues so I'm wondering if he really needs to be there for this appointment. They did the big u/s last appt, so I doubt they are doing anything major this time, just a check up.

Re: Does your DH go to every doctor appt?

  • My DH does because he is the boss applesauce.
  • Nope, just the really important ones.
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    My DH does because he is the boss applesauce.

    LOVE YOU.  This is awesome.

    He did with PJ, but this one, no.   He'll only come to the major ones.

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  • Nope, only in the beginning (IVF u/s) and the big u/s
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    No he doesn't.

    I see my Peri every two weeks (it was every week in 1st tri) and since she is a high risk specialist, there is always some emergency that is being squeezed in.  So, I wait at least 1-1.5 hours each appointment.  By the time I get put in a room, have my ultrasound, and go over anything with my Peri, it has been 2.5 - 3 hours.  He simply cannot take that much time away from his job every other week.

  • Mine does, at his choice.  I think he is going to skip the Glucose test though....

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  • My husband went to the first appointment because we got an ultrasound, the second because we got to hear the heartbeat and the last one because we had the anatomy scan. I had my monthly appointment today and he did not go because we knew this one would be short and sweet! Which was fine with me, I was only with the Dr for a few minutes anyway.
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  • Mine has so far, and I think it pisses off my OB. She always gives him a look and a fakey smile.
  • Nope.  He only goes to u/s appts.  My doc doesn't do them in her office, so there are no "surprise" u/s.

    He went to the first one with me. I thought it'd be helpful to have a 2nd set of ears there.  But my doc didn't tell me much.  And the little she did tell me, H didn't retain.  So there's no reason for him to go anymore.  He's been dismissed.  Ha!

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  • My dh has never been to a doctor's appt- including the 20 week u/s or my amnio.  Would it be nice?  Sure.  But he would stress out so much because of his job and I'd rather not deal with him when he's stressed.  He was there at the delivery and he's a great dad- that's what is more important to me.
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  • He comes to about every other and all of the important ones.  I would imagine he'll come with me for my weekly appointments starting Monday. 
  • My DH has only missed one and that was the one where I changed doctors.But my DH is Boss's son so he makes exceptions once a month!
  • He came to the dating ultrasound and won't come to another until the Level II ultrasound.

    But during my last check up, I called him so he could hear the heartbeat. The midwife held the doppler speaker thingie up to my cell phone. He really liked that.

    He really doesn't need to come for some of those little appointments, although it would be nice for him to hear what the OB or Midwife has to say....but then again, I'm glad he's not there to hear some "recommendations" - you know what I mean ?! 

  • image LCB34:

    He simply cannot take that much time away from his job every other week.

    This. I have a regular OB appt. and a peri appt...plus he works very long hours and takes a train ride into the city and all my appts. are near home. His commute is about an hour each way so unless it is an important one, he sits it out. And I can assure you he feels "it's his baby too" and he loves our baby just as much as the dad who is lucky enough to have the flexibility to attend appointments (sorry Bump pet peeve response to this question).

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  • We're part of a childbirth centering group that meets for 2 hours a month.  We do all our prenatal care during this time as well.  Spouses attend these group appointments/meetings as well.
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  • Nope. Hubby only goes to the ones with ultrasounds.  Other than that, my visits are pretty much pee in the cup, draw blood (if needed), take vitals, hear baby's heartbeat, measure tummy and then I'm done.  He really doesn't need to be there for any of that. 
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  • For me, unless it's a big appt, there's no reason for both of us to be out of work.

    He came to one of my first prenatal appts to hear stuff from the doc, the hb appt, and any u/s appts.  

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  • image MissNikki007:
    Nope, just the really important ones.


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  • Yes, because I am still neurotic that something could go wrong.  And when we got the horrible news with our first pregnancy, he was about the only reason I got my two legs to move again so that I could get home.

    That and the banter between him and my OB are hilarious.  He's always pointing out things that I don't do that I should be doing and then she yells at me for it.

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  • My hubby only came to the very first one, and then all the ultrasounds.
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  • Mine has come to every appointment. Even though it takes away from his work day - he loves hearing the heartbeat even if it is only for a minute.

    The midwives where I go have been wonderful and always show / tell DH different things how to help me stretch, things he can do to make me more comfortable, or just talks about birth or whatnot - so it makes me happy happy!


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  • Mine does. Since he has Friday afternoons off work I just make my appt.s when he can come!
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  • with DD, he was able to come to a lot more.  But this go around, he isn't, as his work day begins over an hour away from the ob's office.  I was going every two weeks until 12 weeks.  He came to the first couple where I had u/s, but won't come again until our big u/s. 
  • My DH went to the first u/s appt but hasn't been to any since. Because of the nature of his job and the location of my OB, he just cant be there. Sometimes it bothers me but I'm just glad he was able to switch his training schedule to be there for the birth in October.
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  • Nope...we had to work around his schedule so he could be there when we had our u/s.  Usually I am only there for about 5 minutes with the dr, so it would not really be worth him using up the limited vacation time he gets.
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  • My DH doesn't go to every appt but he does go to the "important" things.  He has made every u/s and exam but he doesn't come when they just weigh me, listen to the hb, and make me pee on a stick.

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  • J has come to every appointment so far, I try to schedule them so he can come too. Thankfully his work schedule is pretty flexible. This is our first though so I'm not sure if subsequent kids would have the same attention. It's nice having him there for everything.

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  • He did with the first pregnancy... this one, not so much.  He probably would but it is easier for him to stay home with DS rather than us all going.
  • Yep - my DH is SAHD so he doesn't have to worry about time off & DS usually joins us also
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