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baby carrier. . .

Hmmso i was wondering... if someone could actually recommend a baby carrier. There are tons of options but no one really seems to giving an actual knowledge based answer...

Help! Any opinion for whatever reason welcomed.


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Re: baby carrier. . .

  • We have the Baby Bjorn.  We got it at diapers.com.  It was on sale and with coupons, it was only slightly more expensive than the cheap brands, like the snugglie.  We figured that for a little extra money, we will get the more expensive brand.  Overall, I don't have anything bad to say about it.  DS liked it.  I liked it.  I will probably use it a lot this time around!
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  • I think you'll get more responses if you ask the Attachment Parenting board or a board where the majority of the women already have babies.

    That being said, I have an Ergo for my son. It was best once he turned 4 months or so. We used it before then with the infant insert and it was fine...but this time around, I'm going to get a sling for when LO is a newborn (since I'll be chasing my toddler around) and then another Ergo when they are 4-5 months old.

    I would NOT recommend a Bjorn or the like. See this  article for details.

  • I just got back from a walk to the bakery with DS in our Ergo, so I can speak from experience. :)

    We used a ring sling and a Baby Bjorn when DS was small.  I will definitely use the sling with the new LO, but I think we'll be passing on the Bjorn this time.  We liked it well enough at the time, but that was before trying something better.  It just wasn't as comfortable as it should be for DH or I - I always felt like I had to try to readjust the straps to make it better for my back.  And it isn't as good for baby as many other carriers.

    The ergo provides great weight distibution.  I mean, I can carry 25lb DS on my back with it while pregnant and still be comfortable.  I love it.  We have not tried it yet with a new LO, but we have the infant insert and friends who have used it with LOs have told me they really like it.

    Like pp said, the Attachment Parenting board will have lots of great suggestions on baby carriers.  There are lots of different types at every price point and those ladies are the experts.  You may also want to try thebabywearer.com for some good information on different types of carriers.

    GL finding the carrier that is right for you!


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  • i cant tell you what i like, but i can tell you what i dont like. and its the Snuglie. had one with my first son and i hated it.. he hated it, we used it less than 5 times i was so unimpressed. This time i was recommended to the Moby Wrap, bought one and im excited to use it because ive heard great things about it. at this point i think anything would be better than the snuglie
  • I have an Ergo which I LOVE!  I still use it now in a back carry (yes while pg) and DS is over 20 lbs.  No back pain at all. I also have a Bjorn but would not recommend that at all.  It's really not that big of a deal of your baby can't face out.  It's not good for their hips either.  See article posted above.

    I'm planning to get a moby for the early months and then switch to the Ergo.


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  • Well, I had three with DD and I'm still looking for the perfect carrier for the first few months.  I would like to try a ring sling this time.  Here are my quick reviews:

    Moby:  This worked best for DD when she was little.  However, it takes a couple minutes to put on.  I will use this again, but I'd really like to find something that I can pretty much just pop on.

    Peanut Shell:  I loved the concept, but it was difficult fitting DD in the pocket.  If you buy the correct size, the material is tight, so you really have to work at getting your baby inside which can be difficult.  Usually, by the time DD was inside, she was very upset and I had to take her right out.

    Babyhawk:  Only used this for front carry.  Easy to put on and very comfortable.  You can't use this with a newborn, but it's great when your baby is older.  

  • I can't wait to babywear! I have a ring sling. I'll also get a Moby wrap. I've only heard good things about the Moby. I will probably also get some sort of soft structured carrier (like the Ergo).

    Other things I've considered: mei tais and woven wraps. We'll see how many carriers I end up with!

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  • image I'mAcrossThePond:

    I would NOT recommend a Bjorn or the like. See this  article for details.


    We have a few carriers.  I have a Patapum (same as an Ergo, but cheaper & less color options) that I LOVE.  I can still comfortably carry DD in it and it's saved my sanity many times in airports, fairs, etc.

    I have a solarveil Mei Tai which is light and breezy - perfect for our AC-less house & walks in the summer.

    And a Hotsling, which was great when DD was a newborn but I didn't like much after 6 months.

    This time I want a woven wrap, as well.  The wovens are able to be used longer than the Moby & similar stretchy wraps because they're much more supportive.

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  • This is my first baby, but I have some experience wearing friends' babies and watching them go through the carrier parade.

    I'm getting a soft wrap (like the Moby or similar) for my baby as an infant, and  then the Ergo for as they get older. The Bjorn is INCREDIBLY uncomfortable once your baby is over a certain weight -- there's no support at all -- and the babies look uncomfortable in it too. Most moms I know who got a Bjorn switched to the Ergo or gave up carrying the baby altogether.

    On the flip side, I've seen LARGE babies (like a year old) in the wrap-style slings (like Moby) and toddlers in the Ergo. I do a lot of hiking and the Ergo is the best support I've seen. 

  • The Moby Wrap is my favorite for newborns.  I tried a pouch, sling, and the wrap and always went straight to my wrap when I wore DS.  It is a little overwhelming to put on at first, but after a couple of tries I had no problems.  I loved that it held DS upright, especially since that position helped with his reflux and spitting up.  In the sling and pouch, he always seemed uncomfortable and I was worried about him being able to breathe.  It was also great for skin-to-skin contact when he was especially fussy.  I also still use it occasionally in the hip-carry when I don't want to lug him around.

    For older babies, I love my Ergo.  I have back problems and this carrier does a great job at distributing DS' weight, so I don't have any pain.  It's a bit pricey, but is a good investment if you plan on lots of baby wearing.  You can also get the newborn insert and use it from day one if you are really looking to stretch your use. 

  • It depends on what kind of carrier you want. We've had a couple different kinds -

    Baby Bjorn: It was comfortable up until about 15lbs, which was when DD was about 4 months old. Then it started pulling on my neck and really hurt. I was disappointed with how short it lasted. 

    Adjustable pouch: We loved this and used it up until a year old. I used it mainly for DD to sleep in inside and then also for the hip hold. We got ours from www.kangarookorner.com   I liked that it wasn't bulky like a ring sling but that it still grew with DD because of the buttons. As she got bigger, it did put a strain on the one shoulder I was wearing her on.

    Moby: I really liked this. A friend let me borrow it for DD2. After you get the hang of the wrapping, it was really easy. It seemed reeally comfortable for DD and for me as well since it distributed the weight very evenly. But I didn't like it for going out unless I wrapped myself before we left. The thing is so long if you tried doing it in the parking lot, it would hang on the dirty ground :( Again though, it only lasted to a certain point because it was stretchy and didn't support heavier weights. Although I know they make nice ones that will last into toddler years.

    Ergo: We got this when DD1 was about 1 1/2 going on 2. We wanted something to carry her comfortably in but didn't want to get one of those huge, heavy, frame back carriers.  We love love love our Ergo. Out of all the carriers we've had, I would recommend this one the most because 1)it's SO comfortable (it distributes the weight SO well) and 2) it will last the longest. We could still put our 3 year old in it if she let us and have it not feel like we are lugging around her 35lbs of weight.. For the extra money (compared to the Bjorn) I would definitely go with an Ergo or Becco, which is very similar. You will for sure get your moneys worth.

    You can also get an infant insert to use with it. We have it but never used it with DD2 as I was having fun using the Moby. But I've heard they work great and look forward to trying it with this baby. 

    Hope this helped a little bit!! :)

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  • I used a pouch carrier with #1 for the first few months, but after switching to a ring sling, I find that I preferred that.  I made on for myself and one for daddy, and we used them up until my son was about 22 pounds.  I then got a Beco (much like an ergo, but not quite as bulky through the straps, since I have a very petite frame).  It fit me great, but not my tall husband.  My son loved all the carriers, although he's now to an age where he wants to walk all the time.  We're planning on getting a woven wrap (like a Didymos) since we're planning a trip to italy this summer, in case he get's tired and wants to be carried.

     That all said, you have to remember than one carrier is not necessarily better than another.  It really does come down to a matter of preference.  The pouch carrier (hotsling) was ok, but never felt secure once my son started getting bigger.  I liked the ring sling over a wrap because of ease of use.  I could take the sling off when baby wasn't in it, without having to take the time to re-wrap and tie it.  Breastfeeding the the ring sling was very easy too, and we continued that up until he was too heavy for me to carry.  The Beco (or ergo, personal preference really) are great because they balance the heavier child's weight between your shoulders and hips.  Never got the Bfing down in that one, but I enjoyed the ease of getting my son on my back.  Another one that I used was an onbuhimo, a lot like a mei tai, except it has only one set of long straps that you thread through rings rather than two sets of ties.  It was great while my son was lighter, but it puts all the weight on your shoulders, so again, a little uncomfortable.

    My  best advice is to find a babywearing or AP group in your area.  There will be moms who have tons of carriers, who are usually more than willing to loan them out for test runs, as well as providing the expertise to help you make sure you are using a particular carrier correctly.

  • with DD I had a hotsling, a bjorn, and briefly tried the moby wrap.  I hated the sling once she wasn't an infant, the bjorn I loved but it hurt my back and I was so sweaty in it, and the moby...well it was not for me at all.

    I am getting the ergo this go around, with the infant insert.  The only thing I am concerned about is that LO can face front and this is something Olivia loved!  But I am sure it will be fine once I can use it on my back.

  • www.thebabywearer.com has reviews of carriers and message boards that can help you out. There's also a board where people sell used carriers if you want to try them out but not spend a ton of cash.

    I used a Sleepy Wrap (like the Moby, but stretchier) when DS was teeny, tried the sling but hated it (but really liked the sling when he could do a hip-carry, it was nice for around the house).

    We had an Ergo that we started using around three months, and I liked the Ergo just fine until I bought a Beco Butterfly when he was about six months - utter and complete love! I'm pretty tall, and I feel like Beco fits my torso better, the padding's more compact than the Ergo, and I like how he fits in the pouch better - it goes further up his back, so I feel like he's more secure on back carries...the best part about high-quality carriers is that you can use them up to 40-45 pounds, DS still gets carried once in awhile (but when he wasn't walking, he was in that thing everyday...)

     Like someone said above, so much of it is personal preference, so be prepared to get something and not like it - hippie baby stores usually have samples you can try on in person. hth and good luck!

    DS1 - Feb 2008

    DS2 - Oct 2010 (my VBAC baby!)

  • Baby Bjorn is bad for the baby's hips.  The Ergo is great for babies several months old +.  Beco is great for smaller babies.  Ring slings are great for newborns up to toddlers if you've got strong shoulders.  Moby's/wraps are great for newborns up to toddlers, but you have to be coordinated, and they can be tricky to get on at first. 
  • Ditto what a lot of previous posters have said - Moby for a newborn, Ergo once they get a little bigger.  You really can't go wrong with either of those!
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