3rd Trimester

Hospital Bag Frenzie!!!

Well, I am trying to put together a list of the must have items for my delivery. Please Help.

Re: Hospital Bag Frenzie!!!

  • I packed:

    disposable underwear

    personal cleansing cloths

    face wipes


    disposable razors/shave gel

    body wash/loofa


    nursing pjs

    comfy socks

    pillow/blanket/clothes for DH

    flip flops/going home outfit (for me)

    hat/going home outfit/receiving blanket (for LO)

  • also chapstick, ipod, cell phone and charger, gum, baby book (to write hospital visitors and things down as they come to me), thank you cards
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  • Soft toilet paper - the 1-ply harsh stuff at the hospital is the last thing you need.

    Head band to pull back hair.  Didn't like a pony tail b/c it dug into the back of my head.

    Change for snacks for DH

    Contact list for notifying friends and family

    lanolin cream/nipple cream and disposable bra pads

    pillows in colored cases so hospital staff know they are yours


    fingernail clippers for baby - most hospitals don't trim their nails b/c of legal issues


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