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Can someone tell me...

a good, reliable source for newborn vaccinations and medications given at birth?  And, if possible, a site (or book) that has alternatives?  Thanks is advance!

Re: Can someone tell me...

  • this is a VERY touchy subject on here.  My advice is do your research and make the decisions based on what you, SO and ur ped thinks.  I spoke with ours on it.. the baby will not be getting the hep b vaccine ( there is just no need for this) or the chicken pox vaccine unless they dont get the chicken pox by age 11.. then we'll give it then.  Read up on side effects.. and effects of not getting them.


    Good luck!


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    I would discuss with any potential peds you are meeting with.

  • I highly recommend "The Vaccine Book" by Dr. Sears. It provides a lot of data without being too overwhelming and has the approach that each vaccine is an indivdual decision, that vaccination is not necessarily an all or nothing decision. He has an alternative vaccine schedule in the book that I plan on using. You can check out the website too at thevaccinebook.com
  • I totally plan on doing our research, just trying to get a jump start on sources.  I was planning on talking to my doctor about it on Friday.  I am not asking for bumpies to tell me, I am asking them to show me where they looked.
  • I am provaccine but am one that believes to much is given at once. Here is a book that gives you an alternate schedule and (which is what I loved most about the book) it gives you perspective but does not force any kind of agenda. It is the only book I ever picked up that didn't try to use scare tactics and let you form your own opinion.

    http://www.askdrsears.com/thevaccinebook/labels/Alternative Vaccine Schedule.asp


  • I really thought the Dr. Sears vaccine book was well written and unbiased.  Just the information on the vaccines and on the diseases they are supposed to help prevent.  The book really puts the decisions on the reader but does provide several alternative schedules.  I didn't feel as though the book made a person feel bad for fully vaxing "on schedule", for selective vaxing, for delayed vaxing or for non-vaxing.  I really felt like it was just a lot of information I was then free to make my own decisions about.

    I am a selective/delayed vaxer, just FYI.

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