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Any of you continuing with your workout classes?

Hello everyone,

 I'm 11 weeks pregnant and I belong to Golds Gym.  I currently take Body Pump and Spinning classes.  I spoke with instructors for both classes and they said that both classes are relatively safe for pregnant women.  In fact, both instructors were at one time pregnant and teaching the body Pump instructor was 8 mths prego before she stopped.  They both said that I can continue on with my classes until I no longer feel comfortable. 

 Thoughts?  Also, are there any runners out there?  I also completed my first half at 9 weeks prego(didn't find out I was prego until 8 weeks so I was training the entire time and didn't even know it).  Are you going to continue running?  If so, how many miles do you think is safe/week?

Re: Any of you continuing with your workout classes?

  • My obgyn always told me it was safe to run as long as I was comfortable (I had no complications with my pregnancy).  I continued running until about 3 1/2 months, for it just felt weird to me.  I also lifted weights (no more than 10 pounds) and worked out until about 8 months.  At eight months I was pretty large and mostly walked until I delivered.
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  • I continued to run, but cut down the mileage to about two miles and then walked for another mile. I continued this until my sixth month. Then it got too hard on my joints so I opted for the eliptical. As far as the classes, I still do Zumba and I am 35 weeks.
  • Good to know, thanks!  I haven't tried Zumba yet and they offer it at my gym.  Off to Pilates here i an hour...I hear that is supposed to be really good for prego women. 
  • I did pilates all the way up until 40 weeks.  My instructor always made sure to show modifications on any poses that might not be a good idea for a pregnant woman to do.
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  • Good Morning!  I am 21 weeks pregnant and I have continued (and plan on continuing) doing Bodypump.  There is a pregnancy brochure they have just for that class as well that I showed to my doctor and she approved it only because I was doing Bodypump prior to becoming pregnant.  She told me that I should not do any of the ab workouts and to modify the bench so I'm not laying flat on my back.  I also cannot go too high in weight. The only issue that I'm finding is that the back track is starting to get difficult just because my belly is getting in the way!  I still enjoy it though and hope I can continue to do it!
  • I have continued working out throughout most of my pregnancy.  I do low impact jazzercise 3-4 days a week and modify the weight lifting quite a bit.  I am 34 weeks pregnant, and have no problem.  There are so many benefits to it as long as you are in tune with your body!

    I will probably continue it for about another month then at about 38 weeks I will probably just stick to aerobic walking.

     Happy Pre-natal Exercising!


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