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Carpal Tunnel/Sleep Help!

My pregnancy induced carpal tunnel has gotten pretty severe. To the point that I am waking up 20+ times a night due to the tingling, numbness and pain in my hands and arms. I feel like a zombie. Does anyone have any suggestions for how to sleep more comfortably with carpal tunnel? Thanks!

Re: Carpal Tunnel/Sleep Help!

  • Talk to your OB about prescribing wrist braces for you. They won't eliminate the problem, but they should help (they help me, anyway). Back when I was pregnant with DS1, my OB prescribed some for me and my insurance covered them (I guess I may have had a copay, I don't remember, but it still saved a lot of money).

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  • I'm right there with ya! I sleep on and off throughout the day because I'm not sleeping at night. The hospital gave me a brace to wear at night. I wore it for one night and now instead of having just a tingling/numb feeling, I now have extreme pain in my wrist. I can't even lift anything with that hand. Now my finger joints have swelled up and achy too...I hope it all goes away when LO is born. 5 more weeks...that's all I keep telling myself.
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  • I feel your pain... I purchased one of those wrist braces from Walgreens and use that pretty much all day and night, sleeping with it too. I try to keep my hand elevated on a pillow or placed above my head when I'm sleeping to help. Sometimes I'll need DH to massage my wrist/hand to ease the pain. Hang in there!


  • buy some wrist braces at the drugstore - I had it bad with DD and sleeping in these was all that helped. Thought I had escaped it this time but the last few nights it has reared its head...about to dig out my braces :)
  • Definitely wrist braces.  I bought some at the drugstore when I was diagnosed at 32 weeks.  Drinking a ton of water helps, too, as well as cutting back sodium. 

    I thought the wrist braces weren't doing anything anymore, so I left them off last night while I slept.  BIG MISTAKE.  I woke up several times with my hands throbbing in pain worse than I ever experienced from CTS.  I had to bring them to work with me - now I'm typing with them on.  And I won't leave them off again for the rest of this pregnancy! 

  • Sleep with wrist braces. Has worked for me for 10 years. :)
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