Rhode Island Babies

Newport moms...

Anyone want to get together for a walk or coffee w/ the little ones?

I have a 5 week old little boy. 

Let me know!


Re: Newport moms...

  • Hi Denise!  We met at a knottie get together at the Cheesecake Factory just before you got married and I just saw this post and wanted to say Congratulations on your baby boy, that's wonderful! :)
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  • Hello Denise,

    I'm an expectant mom in Newport. Have you found there are many groups in the city--there certainly seem to be a lot of babies?

    Also, I'd be up for a walk anytime.



  • I'm a new mom in Newport too!

    I wish I had time to go to the breast feeding support group at the hospital but work and life seems to get in the way.

    I would love to go for a walk and/or grab a drink or lunch with other new moms. Most of my friends in town are single guys that I work with so there's not many people to talk to about this new life.

    My son is almost three months old. 

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