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majorly TMI - sorry - need advice

so i posted yesterday about constipation. i took colace yesterday and today. i was feeling like i had to go. so i went to the bathroom. i swear it literally got stuck (im sorry this is so gross). i am now in serious pain and was crying hysterically. now i am walking funny and it hurts to sit down. and i have to go back to work!

i dont know what i should do or if there is anything i should do.

should i call the doc? are laxatives safe? (ive never taken one and to be honest im afraid to). should i wait it out?

i'm in pain. any suggestions?

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Re: majorly TMI - sorry - need advice

  • My completely uneducated guess is that "it" might just be larger than usual from the constipation, I've had that happen (not quite to that degree) with constipation before, but I'd call into the doc and check in just in case because you were in so much pain. It's better to be safe than sorry! :) *hugs*
  • i'd call the doctor.  i was specifically told not to take any laxatives during pregnancy, and to make sure if i am taking something for another symptom (like heartburn) that it doesn't have a laxative. 
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  • Call doctor. No laxatives, but I would try something like coffee or plum juice!


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  • You are just going to have a major poo. (Sorry if this is way TMI, lol.) I had that with my first pregnancy, 5 or 6 times. Not to be overly gross, but it was ridiculously hard, and 5 times its normal diameter. It actually hurt worse then delivery and took about 3 hours to get it out. (No hemheroids, though!) It also plugged up the toilet and DH had to go buy a new plunger, since we had just moved. It hurt, it was embarrassing, but there really wasn't much they could do about it. You just have to sit on the toilet with a book, and eventually your body will take care of it with minimal intervention from you.

    I am sorry, and I hope you feel better soon!


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  • I have had poo get stuck before. It hurts so badly. I ended up getting a fissure that took weeks to heal. I think you might want to call your doctor and let them know what's going on. Or if you are going to poo try to move around in different positions and see if you can squeeze it out. I'm so sorry you are in so much pain, that is miserable.

    You can always try an enema but it might burn since you are already in pain. You poor thing. :(

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  • I don't have much help for you. Keep taking the stool softners & TRY to relax. I rememeber with my DD it was so bad I sat there crying praying it would just pass. On the bright side child-birth was no where near as bad as that pain. Good luck I hope you feel better soon.

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  • I take Miralax.  I have constant constipation and it's worse now that I am pregnant.  My doctor told me Miralax is safe to take. 
  • No help, but to tell you it has happened to me and it sucks. I would call your OB and see if you can get on a PNV with a stool softer. Other than that drink TONS of water to avoid this again.
  • I definitely don't want an enema. Does anyone else take colace? The bottle say 1-3 pills, I've been taking only 1 so maybe I will try twice a day?? Also I know this is a side effect of the zofran I'm taking, but I don't want to stop it because then I will be puking all the time again. Does miralax have a laxative in it? I was under the impression laxatives weren't safe.

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  • I was on the zofran pump my last pregnancy. I had a huge dose of zofran entering my system around the clock and it was awful. My doctor did ok laxatives in my case, but they didn't help either. Eventually he told me the best solution was manual extraction. And yes, it's exactly what it sounds like. You buy some latex gloves and help your body work it out. It sounds very disgusting, and it is very disgusting, but it was better than the alternative. I was actually passing out on the toilet repeatedly trying to go.


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  • My girlfriend (an OB) always recommends a warm shot of prune juice.  Gross but it probably works!
  • Ok the manual stimulation just really scared me- I think I just had a heart attack. If only it would scare the crap out of me lol. I guess I will try prune juice tho it sounds unpleasant. I've never been a coffee drinker.

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  • image piglet6609:
    Ok the manual stimulation just really scared me- I think I just had a heart attack. If only it would scare the crap out of me lol. I guess I will try prune juice tho it sounds unpleasant. I've never been a coffee drinker.

    I am so glad to see that you have a sense of humor.  I have no advice, but it sounds like your in good hands with these other ladies.  Just wanted to say good luck!

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  • I'm sorry you have so much pain. If it helps, my Dr. said that you could take the softener within the prescribed dosage on the bottle--if that's up to 3 pills a day, she said it was fine...
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  • I don't know what to say to help now, but try to add is extra fiber. With DD, i had it bad, and I just ate extra fruit and crackers that had more fiber and it seemed to help a little. Maybe call the dr and see what they suggest for now.
  • I have found that all the fiber in the world does nothing for me, but if I drink whey protein shakes that really helps. I know a lot of people that have that side effect when drinking protein, so it is something to try. Better than manual thats for sure!
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  • I'm taking colace.  My OB said two in the morning, two in the evening.  Then I could take miralax if I still needed it.  I haven't tried that yet.  I've also read online a lot of people recommending prunes - a couple a day is supposed to help.  Good luck!  It's no fun.
  • Thank you ladies. I put in a call to my OB nurse- just waiting to hear back- and also sent DH to the store to pick up a few items. Thank you all so much. Don't know what I'd do without you ladies!

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  • ask your dr. if you can use fleet


    basically it's an enima- and it lubes up your business so that it can come out easily.


    I actually WROTE THE COMPANY to thank them bc it was the only cure after I had given birth for my constipation.

  • all I can say is take your time in the bathroom, make sure the temperature is really warm...maybe run the shower.  Relax all your muscles and gently push while rocking back in forth.  Don't force it.  I really can't see how fiber or laxatives will help, they'll loosen up everything BEFORE the "plug" but not the plug area itself....GL  :(
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  • Fiber laxatives like Miralax, Fiber Choice Tablets, Benefiber, etc. are safe to take during pregnancy because it is a high dose of fiber to "grease the wheels" so to speak. It will still hurt to pass the large stool that is blocking things right now. Once it passes, I would talk to your OB if you have any continued soreness or pain an hour or two after it passes. It isn't safe to take medicinal laxatives during pregnancy, just the fiber ones. Fiber will help keep things moving along your digestive tract. I really hope you feel better....I have been there before
  • Sorry to hear about your troubles... I've had the exact same experience, and my doctor put me on a daily dose of laxatives + colace that is safe for the baby. Even with laxatives, sometimes I can't go... I find that taking my time in the bathroom really helps, as well as trying different positions (leaning forward, leaning back, etc). Hope it gets better soon!
  • I hope you have finally gone! I had the same problem, before I was pregnant I was a twice a week pooper and now I am lucky if I go once a week!

    My Dr told me to take the liquid Milk Of Magnesia at night and the colace in the mornings when I am really backed up! He also said I can use a glycerin suppository if I absolutely must to help get the ball rolling but it is NOT something to take all the time. I actually found some liquid ones by fleet that lube you up so the Rock of Gibraltar you are going to eventually pass slides out with out tearing you a new one. After two nights of taking nothing but MOM I usually go and boy does it clean me out. The nice thing (if you can actually say that under the circumstances) is with the MOM there is NO cramping! Before I was pregnant if I used a laxative I would have terrible cramping and pain.

    As always please check with your Dr before you take ANY over the counter medications! Good luck.

  • I had the exact same thing happen to me early on in my first trimester- I'm headed into my 20th week and it's just now starting to get better (if ya know what I mean)... my doctor told me to continue to take the colace twice a day, once at night and once in the morning, as well as bump up my fiber intake with salads, fresh fruit, LOTS of water....

    I only had the stuck problem once (thank GOD!) but I too was in extreme pain and hadn't cried that hard in a long time.... I took luke warm baths to help with the soreness and to keep the hemorrhoids away and that seemed to help- the soreness went away after a few days.

    I would definately let your doctor know that you are having problems with constipation and get his/her advice, but from what I've experienced thus far.. it just has to run its corse.  I wish you the very best of luck and I hope all gets better soon!!!

  • This happened to me when I was about 9 weeks pregnant. I was taking Zofran for my morning sickness and it has horrible side effects of constipation. I actually ended up going to the ER after 4 hours of trying to go and not being able to sit and basically having it 'stuck'. It was really embarrassing and uncomfortable, but the doctor and nurses were so nice about it and told me it really isn't all that uncommon. The doctor DID have to manually extract it, which was kind of painful and then they did give me an enema. I had tried Colace, Miralax and prunes and NOTHING else helped. The hospital visit was not fun, but I felt SO much better afterwards and have not had that problem again since. The doctor told me that there was no way I'd have passed it on my own because it was just too much of a blockage. (Gross I know.) They put me on Miralax (1x/day) and Colace (2/day) every day until I got regular again and then I took it as needed. It's definitely not fun, but if you still can't go, you really should go to the doctor. Luckily I did not get hemmorrhoids from that experience, but they are common in pregnancy and pushing like that for that long usually will cause them. I'm not trying to scare you - just be careful! Good luck I know how much that sucks!
  • I feel your pain..... Constipation during pregnancy was a problem of mine in the beginning.... My dr. suggested taking a fish oil supplement. It's a super supplement to take during pregnancy and it'll keep you moving smoother. Look into all the great benefits and talk with your doctor.



  • A great way to help go is to put a low foot stool or box in the bathroom so you can prop your feet up. I've dealt with IBS for years and this really helps put you in a better position. I actually use a rather high foot stool that makes it look like I"m crouching...not pretty, but hey I'm alone in there!


    Good luck!

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  • I can't help you with immediate relief but I has a lot of problems at the beginning of my pregnancy and don't anymore. I started eating probioic yogurt (like activia) daily and it helps. Make sure you are eating lots of fiber and vegetables. Also eating applesauce and drinking apple juice or cider helps.
  • Yes, call the doctor. With my first pregnancy, I had that happen at work. I spent 1 h 30 minutes in the bathroom, crying in pain. I couldn't stand up and like you said when I tried I walked funny. After I finally did pass the stool, I was bleeding profusely, which scared me, and it hurt to sit and walk. I was too embarrassed to tell my boss what had happened and why I had disappeared from my desk for so long, so I told him I'd been vomiting and went home. I called the doc and talked to the nurse. She said that unfortunately this happens from time to time because of the prenatals. I would recommend calling and asking for recommendations and just taking to make sure your particular situation is normal for you. I was told no laxatives (however, there are apparently prescription ones that are safe for pregnancy). I was also told LOTS of water, fiber tablets, stool softners to prevent and this pregnancy it has helped so far...Good luck!
  • ok, I had to have a strong dose of Zofran, and it did cause major constipation.  My Doctor approved a laxative because it got so bad, and I had to do the whole help it out also.  I know it sounds horrible, but you do what you have to do!  I think that the doctor will review it on a case by case basis, he had me take something I can't remember the real name, but the walmart brand was called woman's laxative.  It really did help.  I ended up having to take one a day.  


    Zofran works by drying out your stomach acids.  BUT it also drys up all intestinal moisture also, so it is a normal side effect of the Zofran.  I was also taking the colace and it did not work.  Call your doctor and ask.  They will most likely have you take something and then maybe up the colace.  Here is a clip from my dr.'s website with the ok meds for pregnancy.  I would double check with your doctor, but this is what they oked for us.


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