3rd Trimester

Vagina Status Update

Happy Monday! So how have you and your vagina been? Did you two have a good weekend??? Well Mayra's vagina is so achey it feels like it's about to fall off, along with her butt.

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Re: Vagina Status Update

  • Jessica's vagina had a pretty good weekend. Got a little action last night and now is loving this yoga ball.
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  • i havent had a sore vag yet but i do miss just being able to see it. i forgot what it looked like and feel dumb if i even try to look. this mass of a belly reminds me everyday that im not only pregnant but as well that because of it no action comes my way. 
  • Kendra's vagina feels like it was beaten by bricks. Doctor thinks it's a separated pelvis. Both Kendra and her Vagina are displeased. 


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  • I'll play:

    April's vagina is feeling very heavy and is fearful that this baby is gonna fall out!


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  • PalanPalan
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    Pam's vagina is happy the DH will be home tonight, not only for a little action but also because Pam and her vagina can sit on the comfy couch and let DH handle letting the cats going in and out for the next week. Pam's vagina hurts sooo much getting up and down.
  • Genevieve's vagina is happy she declined an internal today.  Not excited for one next week though.

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  • Hollee's vagine feels like it's been beaten with a baseball bat.  Something about pelvic bone issues.  At only 31 weeks, Ms. Vagine thinks that this is going to be a longgggg 9 weeks and isn't looking forward to this pregnancy thing any longer.  Ms. Vagine has also been wondering how the heck the Duggar woman has had 19 children... Vagine thinks she'd literally fall apart at that point (and she'd whistle uncontrollably).
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    Here we go again...
  • Megan's vagina is still sexually frustrated! She's also pretty tired of LO pressing down on her top and causing crotch lightening & horrid swelling, for once she wants to feel "normal" again--and look oh so pretty again.
  • Leslie's got a nice trim by her hubby.  All ready and stylish for the big show. 
  • Jamie's vagina is sad that the most action it's seen are the weekly internals by my doctor.  And it misses my husband.  Alot.
  • Kelli's vagina got some action this weekend in the hopes of speeding things up...no such luck.  Now her vagina wishes that the baby would get out already and stop kicking it so hard!
  • Marisa's vagina is feeling the pressure of baby. She was a little annoyed she didnt get any action the other night because DH was cranky and tired but he's off for 4 days so we'll see what she can make off with!
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