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Window A/c unit question

How well do they work? Is it super expensive to use them?

It seems like 95% of the places I am finding are window a/c and if I am baking in the summer to have fresh bread it can be so freaking hot that we are miserable or so expensive that it is to much to even turn on.

Re: Window A/c unit question

  • This is our first place with window A/C and we've only been here since November. Our unit's thermostat and buttons don't work, so basically (like the one day it has gotten hot enough so far and yes I was cooking that day as well) we just turn it on until we feel some relief and then we turn it back off.

    I'm hoping that using it won't influence our electric bill too much this summer (And we'll be trying to use a fan/open the windows we can open instead when we can). That said, the a/c seems to be pretty efficient, and when we used it we felt better within 5-10 minutes and turned it off.

  • It all depends on how nice the window unit is. We've had a crappy $100 one and we've had some pretty nice ones. We had to get two for our house last year when our central a/c went out. They work well and are cheaper than what we paid when the central a/c worked. We also use a bunch of fans and open the windows at night...I like air circulation better than blasts of cold air.
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  • Thank you ladies, I love air circulation better too. When its 105 or more outside though a/c is a must.
  • It all depends on the quality.  In Asia, we can get excellent Hitachi window units. What you really want is one with a DC inverter--it basically goes down to a economical position--kind of like a cruise control for A/C. 
  • We lived in our house for 9 years with only 1 window unit (800 SF, 2 floors).  We had it in the bedroom, and had ceiling fans in every single room.  When it was especially hot we would put a box fan in the hallway to shuttle cool air downstairs.

    We were never miserable, and we loved our $45 Pepco bills in June. It's all about changing expectations.  We een bought a second unit for downstairs and after a month or two decided we didn't like it or need it.

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