advice... please!!! :)

Ok ladies... I went on the tour of the birthing center where I "could" be delivering.  The reason I say could is because my hospital does not have a NICU.  So if I make it to 36 weeks then I will go to my hospital.  If I should go into labor before hand, I will go to the hospital where my MFM is located.  Ok, back on the tour, I am 27 years old and I have a sister that is 12.  She looks, acts, eats, you name it JUST LIKE ME.  She and I are very close because of this.  During my tour i was told that i am NOT allowed to have ANY visitors under the age of 18, unless they are siblings of my babies.  As you can imagine, my heart was broke to hear this.  Should I A.) Attempt to pass her off as my own?? (Which EVERYONE thinks she is mine anyway. or B.) Talk to my OB about the situation and see what she says. (She is the Chair for the Department OB/GYN.)  Other than my OB knowing that i don't have any other children, i don't know how they could prove she isn't mine.  I'm not married, yet, so we still share the same last name.  What would you guys do??  THANKS SO MUCH!!! 
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