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C-section Mommas... When did you feel normal?

like 100%, dont feel like you have had surgery at all, normal? I mostly feel like myself again, but my incision is still a PITA, and Im still sore. When will I feel like Im back to myself again?

Re: C-section Mommas... When did you feel normal?

  • This is my 2nd C-section and my DS will be 2 months tomorrow. And I feel back to normal. Not sure if it's because I also have a 21month old toddler to look after as well that I am always on the go no time to "think" I did take the 6 weeks a little easy with the help of my DH and Mother. (THANK GOODNESS) but I'm in fully back 100% to myself and on top of that back to working out at the gym. Give yourself a few more weeks ;) hang in there!!


  • Not normal yet but getting there...I've only just started walking again this week (9 weeks pp) and it was short and slow (about 20 minutes) and only the one time. My incision site is still tender to slight touch but as of last week I wasn't feeling sore after a full work day so I decided to start walking...but the first walk kicked my butt and I haven't tried again yet, maybe tonight or tomorrow night I will try again...
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    Im still alittle sore, but Im able to do everything I was before.  I still try not to pick up my almost 2 year old, but I cant help it all the time. I took it as easy as I could with a toddler and a new baby and relaxed every chance I got. 
  • 2 months I started to feel back to normal, but your incision will bother you off and on.  Mine still gets itchy 8 mos after.  It takes up to a year to heal totally so take your time :)
  • I am 6 weeks PP and this was my first baby, first c-section etc--and I'm totally fine.  My incision is sometimes still a bit sore but I'm back to working out and I really don't feel there is anything I can't do at this point.

    I really started feeling pretty good about 4-5 weeks PP.  Hang in there, I bet you notice a huge difference in how you feel in another week or so!

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  • at 7 weeks, i'm not back to normal yet, but i had some postpartum incision complications. blerg. i have been able to get out and about though.
  • Wow, I must be abnormal. I am 3 weeks out and I am feeling great and walking about an hour a day and cleaning the house. I felt great the day I came home and never even had to take a pain pill while in the hospital. The only thing I have an issue with is that around my incision it's a little sensitive when my clothes rub it.
  • It must vary from woman to woman. I feel like a millon bucks. I ran errands yesterday, did laundry, and went for my first post-op mile walk with my DH last night.

    Give yourself time. I don't think there is a timeline that every woman will fit into.

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  • I was about 3 weeks pp when I really started feeling more like myself.  I'd say by 5 weeks pp I was almost back to normal.  Right now, I feel just about 100%.  My incision sight is still very slightly tender sometimes, but other than that I feel pretty good.  I'm able to take long walks now with DS.
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  • I feel great! I've been feeling good for a while. After I got out of the hospital, I pushed myself really hard. I ended up sore for a couple days but, ultimately, I think it helped me. I don't have the time to feel sore or bad because I have one baby at home and one in the hospital so I am constantly in different places. Good luck!
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  • i am 8 weeks PP. i feel great. i felt pretty good at about 4 weeks. this past week i started exercising again, i joined a zumba class. i still get random weird pains in my belly, but the doc said its normal and it could last for up to a year. other than that i feel completely normal (except for the extra weight i am carrying!)
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