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Annoying woman last night

Went to hang out with some people last night and a friend of a friend was there and started telling me how I NEED to watch the Business of Being born.  I told her I didn't want to that I have read up on it and it is totally biased and one sided.  She then went on to tell me that I can expect my doctor to "cut you open and rip your baby out".

I then nicely said "you know, having a baby is a very personal thing, everyone makes choices.  Really I am perfectly happy with my doctor and my hospital and my choices.  When you have your child you can make whatever decisions you want.  Also, I have already had to go to labor and delivery twice and for me having professional medical staff right there helping me reassures me that everything is going to be okay".  She kept spouting off about how doctors and hospitals are all about money and whatnot.

I wanted to throat punch her.  I didn't... but I REALLY wanted to throat punch her.

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Re: Annoying woman last night

  • Everyone has an opinion.... it's ridiculous.
  • I had someone do something similar (not quite as bad) to me after watching that documentary. She's a baby expert now that she's watched it. Confused And she has her birth plan all figured out (she has no kids and no plans for a few years).

    I'd watch it just to see, but it's only one point of view like you said - there are other perspectives to consider.

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  • Yeah.. I probably would have punched her..  I actually have seen the Business of Being Born.  It was interesting, but you do have to take it with a grain of salt and realize that EVERYONE has an agenda!  Apparently this friend believes everything she watches.  I thought that it did have some truth to it, but with that being said, I still have an OBGYN and I am delivering my baby in a hospital.  I hate when people try to talk you into their way of thinking.  It is one thing to express your views, it is another to shove them down someone else's throat!



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  • Not familiar with the Business of being Born, but it sounds like it discourages using OB's and the hospital?  Is it about home birthing? 

    My feeling is that everyone should give birth how they see fit and do what they are comfortable with (as long as its safe for them and the baby).  I had my daughter in a hospital and really had a great experience.  She was posterior and things were not progressing well, but I had a wonderful LD nurse who got her to flip by having me lay in a bunch of different positions.  Once she flipped, I went from 4 - 10 in about 2 seconds and was ready to push. And trust me, the epidural was fabulous (especially since posterior position causes back labor!)  I wasn't sure I wanted one, but with the back labor, I caved and it was wonderful!  And I absolutely love my OB.

    I also had a friend that did a water birth at home with a midwife and she loved it.  He daughter was actually born the day before mine.  Its not what I would have choosen, but it worked for her.  And my hospital delivery worked for me.  To each their own.  Its nobody's business but yours how you want to bring your baby into this world.

    I will be delivering in the hospital again and the epidural man in my best friend!  You should do whatever makes you happy/comfortable.

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