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calling cloth diaper moms

i'm considering changing to cloth diapers. Talk to be about them. The whole cleaning things scares me. The cleaning poop part really scares me. help me out here!

Re: calling cloth diaper moms

  • I have a REALLY long e-mail that I sent to a friend about CDs.  If you want I can send it to you- it goes over EVERYTHING from cost, cleaning, types, what we like best, pros and cons of each type...
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  • Oh don't worry about cleaning poop, you can get a sprayer for the toilet, it's high pressured to spary off the poop. I love my pocket diapers, it's the convience of dispoables but the clean better than AIO's (all in one's) but reserach the diffrent types, try Diaper Jungle.

    When I read about how to wash CD's I was intimidated but after doing it the first time you realize it's very simple.

    Plus they are soooooo cute.

    Good Luck!

  • There are a ton of replies about a page back to three CD postings. I talked a lot there. :)
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  • Sent you the e-mail.  Seriously if anyone else wants to know about CDing, I researched it like a pyscho when I was pregnant and would love to share all my research- just PM me your e-mail. 
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  • Today must be CD day! Everyone is interested, which is awesome!

    I see from your siggy that you are a power pumper. Don't worry about the poop situation especially if you BF because all the poop is water soluable and you can just put it in the washer with the poop on it. OR you can drop it in the toilet. OR use rice paper liners (which go between the baby and the CD and then just flush down the toilet).  We use Charlie's soap (1/4 the recommended amount so it lasts forever).

    IMHO, CDing a little more work but it is worth it! We use bum genius 3.0 pockets exclusively.  I know a lot of Momma's love the Thirsties Duo covers with chinese prefolds too.

  • I did a post a page or two back with 22 pictures in it showing different things that I have now (I just started).  When I was doing my research, I saw very few "real life" pictures and wished I could have looked at things from a different angle.  Please go check out that post.  I'm having a blast and I'm only on day 2.  It really isn't that much work. 
  • Cloth diapering was the BEST decision we made, I have zero complaints!
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