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Movie theaters for moms with babies?


Does anyone know if there are any movie theaters in the Rockville/Gaithersburg/Germantown area who screen matinees where you're allowed to bring your infant along?  Google has not been helpful when I've tried to search that way.  I have a 6 week old and would love to take advantage of a theater who does this before my maternity leave ends. 

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Re: Movie theaters for moms with babies?

  • When I was on maternity leave, the theater in Silver Spring did this every Wednesday - all of the movies, for the first two matinee showing times of the day.

    I'd call to confirm, since this was last year... but, I think they still do it.

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  • Definitely go to a matinee during the week, the volume should be lower.  As far as being "allowed" to take a baby, I think that's ridiculous.  I took my son, and some of my other friends took their young babies in slings, so they slept and/or BF through the whole movie.  Now when they start getting mobile, etc, is a different story...
  • The Cinema De Lux in Fairfax Corner has certain days that you can take baby along, a bit out of your area but the theater is very nice. Hope this helps!!
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