3rd Trimester

Did my water break?

I got out of bed and all of the sudden felt a warm gush of liquid come out so I stood there for a second and more came out so I ran to the bathroom and pulled my undies down and they were soaked. I wiped and lots of clear liquid came off the paper.

I decided to put another set of undies and sweats to see what would happen. 20 min I was standing at the back door and felt another warm gush of liquid and ran to the bathroom and my undies were all soaked. Water was trickling down my leg. I wiped again and its a clear liquid and was more this time.

 I just changed my undies again and it happened again.

Could this be my water breaking? I have not had any bladder control problems my whole pregnancy. The thing that confuses me is I heard no pop and no rush of water came out this is more like a steady stream.

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Re: Did my water break?

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