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molars, evil molars!

warner was hell on wheels this weekend and sometime on Sunday it finally dawned on me that he was probably teething! (I can be a little slow on the uptake...) He was pulling on his cheek, rubbing his jaw, wanting to be held ALL the time, bursting into horrible tears the second either DH or I tried to put him down. These are not things that my happy little boy does. He's not usually a snuggler at all, but he needed a LOT of love over the weekend, poor guy. and sure enough, when I felt his back gums, I could feel the little bumps right under the skin.

question for those of you who have been through this...should I give him some motrin? would that even help? also, he's never been into teethers (he never made much of a fuss over his front teeth coming in), but I'm willing to try anything...are there teethers for back teeth?

(also, major shout out to Amber of Little Moon Photography. we had our 1 year photo shoot on Sunday in the midst of all this fussiness and she was SO patient with him and us--since DH and I were just kind of uselessly wringing our hands saying "I don't know what is wrong" and trying to bribe him to smile with puffs...we suck)

Re: molars, evil molars!

  • Yeah, this is pretty much us EXACTLY. I stuck my finger in her mouth and there are two sharp as hell molars bursting through her swollen little gums. I've been giving her 2 doses of Ibuprofin during awake hours on the days she is really fussy. It really seems to help her. I don't like medicating her all that much but she really seems to be suffering. She is usually a really laid back baby and this fussiness seems directly linked. 

    I am so interested to hear what others have done outside of meds. When I hand her frozen or cold washcloths, she just looks at me ("Uh, are you serious, Mom?")  and throws it on the ground.

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  • DS hasn't really ever cared for teethers either.  We just give him motrin.  Popsicles and ice cream work as temporary solutions too.  He typically wants to drink a lot when he's teething, so sometimes we make it ice water instead of just regular water.
  • DS has never been into teethers and actually never really wanted the popsicles either.  It just meant lots of hugs and snuggles and holding and pain meds.  I too don't like to overmedicate, but it really seemed to help him.  It amazed me when he started in with the pain for his eye teeth recently that he remembered and basically started asking for the tylenol/motrin.
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  • We overmedicate.  It's the only way BabyCrown gets any sleep while teething (which has been pretty much nonstop since he was 4 mos old).  Sometimes a cold, wet washcloth will work for a few minutes, but he only ever liked teethers at DC and promptly stopped using them once he was home (even though I bought the exact same ones).
  • If Molly seems to be in pain from teething she will always get Motrin - I even try to time it so we can do it right before bedtime.  She also likes the cold wet washcloths to suck on.
  • We've used Hylands Teething Tablets, and they worked great for us!  It's an herbal remedy, dissolves instantly in their mouths, and you don't really have to watch the clock waiting desperately for the time for the next dose!  I've also had friends swear by amber teething necklaces.  The premise with those is that because amber is a tree resin, when it it warmed by the skin of the neck, it releases pain-relieving chemicals.  Like herbal remedies, they've been used for much longer in history than motrin, so something to look into!
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