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Sorry Mom!! (Major Vent/Rant)

Sorry Mom you might be only getting one grandkid out of me yet..... This has been a horrible pregnancy for me. I have had horrible morning sickness well really all day sickness (lost 15lbs because of it) awful RLP, severe backaches and migraines, heartburn and constipation, horrible swelling in my ankles, feet, and hands, bad nosebleeds,  dehydration, and gallstones. Then I get a call from my Dr. today saying that my glucose tolerance test results came in and my sugars were REALLY high. Ugh! So now I have to go take the 3hr one... Sorry I know I am really really lucky to have a healthy baby and it will be totally worth it when he gets here... but I just feel like I have had just about every single bad symptom of pregnancy happen to me...


Re: Sorry Mom!! (Major Vent/Rant)

  • Aw it's all worth it! It's amazing how our body changes!
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    Aw it's all worth it! It's amazing how our body changes!

     I really and truly know that it will be COMPLETELY worth it.. It just sucks right now! I hear about all these people that hardly have any problems and I am truly happy for them but dang it I am jealous of them lol!!!!


  • I hear your pain.... My first pregnancy I had not a single problem.... this one... if anything can go wrong it will.

    I failed my one hour big time last week. Got 3 hour tomorrow.


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  • I pretty much told everyone I was only having 1. With ds I also lost 15 lbs, threw up until 24 weeks then went on to have GD, plus other fun stuff. After 3 years I finally got the courage to have another. It has been just as miserable :) but knowing that there is an end in sight does make it better this time around. Plus knowing I "chose" to be pregnant despite knowing how awful it could be again, makes me just deal with it and move on. I swear, l&d and recovery and having a newborn were much easier than being pregnant :). Hopefully the pregnancy gods will be nice to you in those areas too :)
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  • Mine hasn't been easy either.  And it runs in our family to have difficult pregnancies, however, there were a few years between my older and brother and I and my mother said each pregnancy was difficult.  Then, she got pregnant again less than 5 months after me and she said that pregnancy was a breeze in comparison, the doctor said that it is possible that her body had started to aclimate to the hormonal changes etc.  Maybe the key is to getting knocked up asap after giving birth!! Stick out tongue
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  • I am right there with ya! 

    I ended up with gestational diabetes and I totally thought I was going to lose it...well I did have a really awful few days from learning about it. However, don't worry about it if you have it. To be honest it sucks at first with adjusting your eating habits and how many times you have eat and check your sugar. You do get use to it, I promise and it makes you eat healthier. On the other hand, all the rest of what youre going through, I feel for you because I am there and feel like I am losing it! At least we're not alone!

    I hope that I will want another child after this one and I hope you will too!  

  • Someone wrote on the bump a while back that the pregnancy gods are fair and if you have a hard pregnancy then the delivery is easy....so I am wishing that for you!  My pregnancy has been fairly easy (I had to do the three hr glucose test - but passed) so I guess I have some trouble coming LOL.
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  • I'm right there with you on the horrible pregnancy.  I thought that good genes would bless me too as my mom breezed through with realtively any problems (and she had twins)!  I was sadly mistaken.  I had morning sickness for several months (didn't go away until probably about 16-17 weeks) and by that time I had lost several lbs.  I've had 3 UTIs...I had never had one before getting pregnant.  I have bad heartburn now...again, never had it before getting pregnant.  Just as things seemed to be going OK, I got a really REALLY bad rash and was diagnosed with PUPPP (I would personally take having morning sickness again - so long as I was sure it wouldn't hurt my LO - over having this).  Oh, and the baby was breech and I opted to go throught an extremly painful version.

    I better have an easy delivery after this, but I'm not getting my hopes up.  So long as LO is healthy I'll deal with it.

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