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would you call the doctor on this? movement related- Long

So I am 27.5 weeks (and I know I should move to teh 3rd tri-board, but have not posted on there before and this is long).  I  have felt baby since 20 weeks. until about 24 weeks was faint, like a tapping, then felt the tapping, plus stronger jabs (I assumed kicks).

I noticed last week, it was a little less frequent, but when I sat and did a kick count, still normal.  

This weekend, I took a very, very long walk-- 6 miles with DH.  I have felt the baby since... but it is very faint again... like it felt before 24 weeks.  Not really less often than before, but very differnt in intensity.

So... I do not want to sound like a wacko... and candidly what can they do other than listen to teh baby's heartbeat on a doppler (which I can do at work as I work at a medical company) and it is fine... but that tells me nothing about if the cord is tangled or another reason why he would be more faint.   My regular doctor would not really assess for this anyways-- my guess is that they would say come in and talk to the nurse practitioner, who would listen to teh heart beat and say it was ok and then to do kick counts and if less than 10 in 2 hours to call again... real helpful.

Anyways-- what do you all think?   Maybe i am just cynical about the doctor, but I never really feel any reassurance from them either-- as they can't really check the cord either, even on a regular ultrasound (would need a 3 or 4 D from my understanding to really see if it was a problem) since when I was going to the high risk doctor to do my cervix checks (just did last one at 27 weeks last Friday) I asked about it... and they said that you can see the blood flow, but it only "indicates" what is going on with the cord and if they ever needed to see better they have to use the other machine.


Re: would you call the doctor on this? movement related- Long

  • The intensity of my LO's kicks vary as well. Not sure why, but some days they are stronger than others. If you're still feeling kicks and the heartbeat is still in the healthy range {not slowing or dipping randomly,} then baby is probably fine. If you're really concerned, go see your doctor. He/she is the only person who will be able to reassure you 100%.
  • Only you can really discern what is normal for your LO. Mine doesn't have a really strong pattern and I definitely have "strong" days where s/he feels close the surface and then other when s/he seems to enjoy kicking lower more towards my cervix. It's very well possible that the LO flipped from head down to breech/facing in to back, which would effect how your perceive the movement.

    And inside babies do have up and down days, just as they will on the outside.

  • I would not worry the doctor told me that there will be days where you will feel the baby and days where you will not. I would not worry unless its longer than 2 days. But always call your doctor to make sure, its always best to rely on your insticts.
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