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moms of 1yr. olds please come in..

My DS just turned one today but I was wondering when you switched from formula over to milk?  My LO is lactose intolerant so I am also wondering if you have the same if you switched to Lactose free milk or Soy? 


Re: moms of 1yr. olds please come in..

  • Happy birthday baby and congrats to you!  We started switching over to whole milk probably at 11.5 months, and he was probably all the way there at 12.5 months.  The reason it took so long though was because we wanted to use up all the formula ;-) otherwise we would have done it over 2 weeks probably.  Not sure about the difference though with lactose intolerance though, with the protein/fat differences etc.  hope someone can help you out with that!
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  • We started the switch just after he turned one year (after his 1 yr pedi appt, b/c I wanted to hear what the pedi rec'd for switching). ?DS had a milk protein sensitivity (eczema was his only real symptom) and he was on Alimentum formula once I stopped BFing around 10 mos. ?Pedi rec'd switching gradually. ?We started off doing 4 oz (whole) milk the first week, and added another 4 oz a week until he was totally switched over. ?We didn't use Lactose Free or Soy and he didn't have any issues. ?But as I said, eczema was his only issue - no digestive problems.
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  • We have slowly introduced whole milk over the last couple weeks. I have frozen breast milk still so I mix the two. I'm not sure if you can do that with formula, though. Harris will "taste" or drink just about anything we give him, so I wasn't surprised when he drank the whole milk by itself without mixing it once. We still mix it and will continue to do so as long as I have breastmilk in the freezer. He also will get a sippy of breastmilk only from time to time.

    He isn't lactose intolerant, but I am and use lactose-free milk. If he were lactose intolerant (or becomes so) I will probably just offer the lactose-free milk. I don't know when you can switch off whole milk, but I've always had skim, so eventually he will get skim milk.

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    DS #1 and DD were both drinking formula when they turned 1. I just made the switch cold turkey to whole milk sometime between 11 and 13 months with them (whenever we ran out of the last can of formula). I'm lactose intolerant, so I was worried about them, but they did fine. They're also not picky and eat/drink whatever you put in front of them. Toddlers need whole milk up to age 1 (you can go up to age 2 unless there's a family history of obesity). I'm not sure if you can find a full-fat soy/lacose-free milk, but you could try regular milk in small amounts and see how LO does.

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