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Hi all.  I have a tad over 1 week left!  So psyched to meet the little one!   We had a shower thrown for us 2 weeks ago.  I just officially started my maternity leave today and want to get a start on the TY's.  How did you guys go about the notes inside?  Were they very personal?  Or a warm thank you for sharing our memory with us?  I feel like I have writers block...

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  • hocushocus
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    If you scroll down there is a similar post about this.

    TY notes are a simple formula.

    Thank them for the gift. Say how it will be used. Add a personal comment (can't wait to see you at the football game or thanks for the offer to come and babysit I am sure you and mini JJ will be fast friends etc).

     If you can't add a personal comment (because you don't know the person well) just thank them for coming to your shower and tell them how excited you are to introduce them to your baby once they arrive.

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