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Baby shower TY's...

Hi all.  I have a tad over 1 week left!  So psyched to meet the little one!   We had a shower thrown for us 2 weeks ago.  I just officially started my maternity leave today and want to get a start on the TY's.  How did you guys go about the notes inside?  Were they very personal?  Or a warm thank you for sharing our memory with us?  I feel like I have writers block...

Re: Baby shower TY's...

  • I mentioned how it was great seeing them at the shower, thanked them for their specific gift, and mentioned how anxious we were to use it. (Or made a joke about DH using it, depending on what it was.)
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  • I try to personalize all my thank you notes as much as I can.....

    Lets say I got a bouncer from my aunt...

    Dear Aunt Sally,

    It was so nice seeing you at my baby shower. I loved that you were able to celebrate this very special time in my life with me. I love the bouncer you brought for the baby. I am sure she will love it. You will have to come over and see her "bounce" in it.



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  • I personalized all of my TY's. I had someone keep a list of who bought me what...and used the list to write the ty's. I thanked them for coming to the shower, celebrating with us, and individually for what they actually got. One person got us a gift card, and I wrote to her a thanks for the card + what we used it for (b/c it bought a lot of stuff we needed that we hadn't gotten.)
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  • They were not very personal.  I have a hard time writing TY's and get writer's block, also.  I said something along the lines, TY for the _____ gift, I am so glad you were able to attend our shower and can't wait for you to meet this baby.  Some were a little more personal, ie. a friend told me she was expecting at my shower and I shared my joy about her upcoming arrival. 
  • After writing a million TYs for our wedding (last July) and writing some more for the baby showers that were thrown for me, I've created a template of sorts, hope it's helpful!

    Dear (name),

    Thank you so much for attending my baby shower. We love the (gift)! It is (adjective or what it will do- beautiful; going to be so useful). [Anything else you want to say about the gift or how it will be used] Thanks again for helping us prepare for the arrival of [baby name/ little one]

    Love/Sincerely/Yours Truly,

    (your names)

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  • i started by thanking them for attending.  then i wrote about how much we loved their gift (i was specific) and how we can't wait to use it, etc.  i just got the last of my TY cards out today.  it felt so good to cross that off the list!
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