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Prometrium anyone????

I'm approaching 12 weeks and I'm hoping that the Dr. says that it is no longer necessary.  I'm really exhausted and I have a horrible rash, pretty tolerable overall & I know it's what is best for baby but I can't wait to function like a normal human being again (at least until my 3rd trimester).

What are your symptoms?   

Re: Prometrium anyone????

  • I've been taking it for a little over 3 weeks now and haven't had any symptoms at all.  Even my pregnancy symptoms are minimal.  I've been exhausted, but I think that's due to the pregnancy- I take the prometrium right before bed, as instructed by my doctor.
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  • ::popping in from 3rd tri::

    I was also on prometrium from about 6 weeks on. My MW had me stop taking it just before 12 weeks. She said at that point the placenta is doing all the progesterone production.

    I hated that stuff. It made me very dizzy and tired. Even the next day. The last day I took that stuff was a celebration for me. I think I finally got my energy back around 13/14 weeks. I'm still feeling pretty good, just a lot more aches and pains.

    Hang in there! It's definitely worth it, and it does it's job : )

  • I took it from 5wks til 12wks.  I took it orally and had no side effects.  Accept maybe I will blame the bloat on that. 
  • I'm 7 wks pregnant and have been taking 100mg of Prometrium for about 2 wks. Besides excessive fatigue, the only other symptom I'm facing is a daily but dull headache. I have also been pretty lucky with preg symptoms though. I feel pretty good otherwise which is good since I will be on Prometrium through my 12th week.  Good Luck!!!
  • I am on it and have been since 5 dpo and will stop at 12 weeks. My OB said your placenta takes over and you do not need it any longer then. I have no side effects but I take 2 vaginally at night before I go to bed. I do have to wear a panty liner though.
  • Wow!!  This explains a lot about my fatigue.  I take 200 mg orally 4 times per day (800 mg total per day) no wonder I'm so tired.  Hopefully I can also stop at 12 weeks, I have to see the OB next Thurs. Wish me luck.
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