Ok, sorry if this will seem like a newbie question/post, but I always assumed "contractions" would be tightening and uncomfortable. Anything I've ever had has always been either A. Tightening without pain (what I would call BHs) or B. Menstrual like cramps that are always felt below the belly button. I have had both of these on and off for the last couple of weeks, but nothing that I would ever consider "timeable."

This morning since about 4am, I have had these menstrual like cramps come and go (5-15min apart). One just woke me up now from my sleep. I got up, went to the BR, came back and sat down, and it's went away.

I guess my question is...are these cramps considered contractions? They aren't by any means regular, but I know I should be keeping an eye on them. I'm worried because my mom and grandma have both had histories of quick labors (ie from first contractions to baby in 6 hours or less, my mom was only in the hospital for 30 minutes before having my twin sisters). I almost kinda wish my water would just break and then there would be no question about anything! Thanks Ladies! 

Re: Contractions?

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