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Well my husband and I are trying to get pregnant, and both of our sister in laws are pregnant, which I am extremely happy for them. My problem is I feel resentful against them. When they come over i cant help but to get upset. I think the main reason is neither of them tried or even wanted children at this time in their lives and we are dying to have a child.

I am wrong for feeling this way, and does anyone have any tips to help me get over the jealousy?

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  • I won't say you're wrong to feel that way - I think we all feel jealous from time to time.  But try to keep in mind that the fact that they are pregnant has nothing to do with the fact that you are not.  They didn't get pregnant to spite you or anything.  How long have you been TTC?

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  • No on all accounts. You'll never get over being jealous, anal, or just pissed off. But, how you handle it is a different story. If I acted on every jealous tinge I get I'd be in jail. TTC is very frustrating, but the very best thing for you to do is educate yourself as much as you can about your body, take prenatals, and (depending your preference) chart. GL to you.

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  • OP- It is natural to feel jealous. We've all been there. The other posters are right about self-education concerning TTC. The more empowered you feel the less likely you are to lose control. Its perfectly permissible to have a good cry, punch a pillow, drink heavily & commiserate on the boards. 

    As long as you realize that the women who are getting pregnant are not doing it on purpose to hurt you (as other posters have said) you should be fine. Jealousy is an awful emotion that brings guilt & shame. I'm sorry you are having to go through this. 

  • No, you're not wrong. I completely understand. I get that way every time I see my 19 y/o SIL not spending time with my niece, doing something unsafe or stupid, etc. especially after telling me she never wanted a baby and basically mourning her BFP. Like others have said, she didn't do it to spite me and I keep my feelings to myself (well, and DH). 
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