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who's still sleeping on their stomach?

I'm not sure at what point I should turn into a side sleeper. I start out on my stomach with one knee bent to the side. It's not uncomfortable but I don't want to squish our little peanut.


Re: who's still sleeping on their stomach?

  • if its comfortable i say go for it. i stopped sleeping on my stomach long ago but thats because it hurt. they say your not supposed to sleep on your back after 16 either but i wake up on my back everyday. i try to turn to my side but always end up on my back anyway.
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  • i do after all other positions fail. i keep a pillow under my belly and my leg bent. so im not putting to much pressure there.  its technically more 1/2 side 1/2 belly lol
  • I am 18 weeks (with just a little belly) and I still tummy sleep with one leg bent.  I also side sleep with a pillow between my legs, which is the most comfy for me.  I was a always tummy sleeper pre preggo so this has been an adjustment for me
  • I always end up on my stomach and I'm 25 weeks. I honestly can't control what I do during the night-I always start sleeping on my side:)
  • I'm a stomach sleeper.  With DS I slept on my stomach until about 34 weeks.  I am 25.5 weeks now and still sleeping on my stomach.  My midwife told me last time that my body would reject stomach sleeping as uncomfortable (and back sleeping for that matter) LONG before it could do any harm to my LO.
  • I was definitely a stomach sleeper pp! I stopped around 17 weeks, because it got really uncomfortable (felt like I was laying on a ball). Sometimes I will lay 1/2 belly 1/2 side (more so side now) with one leg bent up, but I can only lay like that for a few mins before I have to stretch out.
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  • I'm pretty sure you will subconsciously move or roll over when it gets uncomfortable (because presumably, if it's uncomfortable for you, it might be for LO also), so I wouldn't worry about it too much.  If you can tummy sleep comfortably, go for it.

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  • I sleep on my stomach with one leg bent to help prop me up. It seems like I am slowly getting farther and farther to my side.
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  • I still sleep on my stomach at ~19 weeks...when it becomes uncomfortable, that's your body's way of letting you know it's time to switch :)
  • The baby will let you know if it is getting squished. I woke up directly on my stomach today and the baby was doing some pretty good kicks. Kind of like "hey mom! roll over!"


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  • I sleep pretty much on my stomach, Usually with one leg bent. Kind of a side/stomach sleep, not just completely flat on my stomach though...
  • I am still sleeping on my stomach with my knee bent also, and I am 20 weeks along...I sleep like that because its the only way and position I can sleep in....So until you cant lay on your stomach lay however makes you comfortable....Believe me you will know when you can't sleep on your stomach because it will start to feel real uncomfortable when you can't lay on your stomach....
  • I did for like 20 min this morning, it was nice, I would have loved to stay that way longer but DH was getting dressed and asking me 900 questions so I decided to get up and go pee.  I just had a pillow kinda under my left side.
  • image PubStar09:

    I'm pretty sure you will subconsciously move or roll over when it gets uncomfortable (because presumably, if it's uncomfortable for you, it might be for LO also), so I wouldn't worry about it too much.  If you can tummy sleep comfortably, go for it.


  • I stopped sleeping on my stomach a few weeks ago. I also went out and purchased a pregnancy body pillow, it helps keep me on my side. I also spoke to my doc about trouble sleeping because I had read and been told NOT to sleep on my back, she told me that as long as it's comfortable and not causing and breathing problems or pain to go ahead and sleep on my back. 
  • I am a 1/2 side 1/2 bell sleeper most of the time too.  I do wake up sometimes completely on my stomach.  And I have turned into a back sleeper.  I know I am not supposed to, but with all of the boop and stomach squishing that goes on on the side, sometimse I give up and go to the back.
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  • With the help of a body pillow I'm able to sleep kind of on my stomach, which is my comfy position. But I'm not fully laying on my stomach with the pillow. I haven't been able to lay just on my stomach without the pillow for a few weeks now. Just doesnt feel good on the stomach itself.
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  • I still sleep on my stomach a little bit. I never used to like it, but now that I'm pregs, it's comfortable!!
  • I am still sleeping 1/2 on my side, 1/2 on my stomach. It is the only way i can really fall asleep. I am hoping I don't have to switch to being completely on my side for a while. 
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  • I still kind of sleep on my stomach. It is more half on my side/half on my stomach.
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  • I still do and in the same postion as you.  When it gets uncomfortable I will stop.  Until then I will get what good sleep I still can.
  • I been having hard time finding comfortable sleeping position. I always liked to fall asleep on my stomach before, but now i just do a modified version where i'm kind of on my stomach and on my side at same time. I move around a lot during my sleep so sometimes i find myself waking up on my stomach, sometimes on my back, sometimes on my side. 
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