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This is no big deal, and I'm not even upset but just had to share the ridiculousness of the conversation my DH just had to have...

 DH's best friend was dating/living with a woman 20 years his senior. She was crazy from the get-go but DH's friend M just didn't see it so we made nice for his sake. This woman is 55 and had 3 grown kids of her own and is a retired nurse. She knew from the start that M wanted children so she lied about her age and told him that she wanted to try for more kids with him so that he'd move in with her.

She is the same woman I wrote about a few months ago that at DH's birthday dinner said to me, "so M and I were discussing pregnancy and your weight gain and we were wondering if you were in the normal range or not?" (Thank you for basically calling me a fat a@@).

Skip to today, (DH is having a vaccectomy on Friday) DH tells me that M called him concerned because his now ex-g/f (again the former nurse) told him that is was crazy for him to get a vaccectomy that is was much safter for me to get a tubal ligation... I knew she was nuts and had an issue with me but I have to wonder if she's trying for whatever reason to make me look bad for not opting for major surgery when DH wants to have the vaccectomy regardless, or if she actually believes her lies at this point. All I can say is thank goodness she is out of M's life.

Re: WTH?

  • uh...right. It's a simple out-patient procedure with a couple days of recovery. The ex sounds coo coo.
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  • Seriously?  Since when is a tubal ligation safer than a vasectomy?  From what I remember reading, a tubal ligation is much more invasive than a vasectomy.  She sounds like a nut job.  And I can't believe she would ask you about your weight.  That''s like the last thing ANY pregnant woman want to talk about!  Glad your DH's friend came to his senses!

  • Geez, sounds like she took her crazy pills along with her "no filter between brain and mouth" pills.

    My DH had his vasectomy and trust me I'm glad he went in rather than me after hearing about ligation recovery.  His was outpatient and basically killed a weekend for him sitting around with a bag of frozen peas.  Ligation is in-patient and longer recovery.

    She should not be discussing weight gain either and both subjects are what fall under the category of, "none of your beezwax!"

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