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Diaper Cakes? Explain

Hi Ladies.  I'm pretty new to diaper cakes and just starting seing them so excuse my ignorance... Can someone help me understand the point of them?  Decorations? Pretty way to gift diapers?  One of my hostesses wants to do one for me, but honestly I'm not all that excited by it.  I think she was offended....

Re: Diaper Cakes? Explain

  • partly just a pretty decoration, but also a fancy way to gift diapers... Plus they sometimes put other things on them (bottles, rattles, etc etc) so there is usually some other useful items on them. There will be one at my shower that my SIL and sister made... I can't wait to see what they did.
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  • The way I make them is I use size one or two diapers, baby wash, aquaphor, a stuffed animal, bibs, blankets, and small items from their registry. I also use a dry erase board as a base (and cover it with a receiving blanket).   It is a nice way to incorporate items they will use into their shower decorations.  They can get pretty pricey, for sometimes I go overboard on them.
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  • I think it's a very creative way of giving diapers and other little things.  My friend made us a 2 layer diaper cake using a paper towel tube as the inside base.  She then rolled the diapers and dressed up each round with ribbon and added towels, teether, plastic rings, wrist rattles.  It was VERY cute.

    Yes, it might be a hassle to unwrap the diapers, but if someone wants to be creative with your gift, I say let them!Wink

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  • I made one for a friend of mine.


    I used baby wash and shampoo for the base.  It is easier to tape the diapers once they are rolled, but for the one unwrapping them, using rubber bands is the easiest!  I just added fun gifts to the outside and ribbon that matched the shower.  It was a fun thing for me to do for my friend.

     There are directions online on how to make them.

     The point: a fun gift and decoration.  : )

  • I don't really get it either...and I had a similar situation.  My SIL wanted to plan my shower, but then she mentioned a diaper cake and having me wear a pink feather boa and fluffy yeah.  Got my girlfriend to do it and we are having a Baby, Beer and BBQ party with NO pink boas! 
  • So you open diaper cakes like a present if you get one? Or do you just let them look pretty?... a little confused by this also
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  • Every diaper cake I've seen involves diapers that the mom isn't interested in. 
  • You can also make a game out of it.  Guess how many diapers it took to make the cake. 

    Personally, I think they're adorable, but to each their own :)

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  • I've made smaller ones to use as decorations...although I never tape the diapers or put rubberbands on them (I just use ribbon to hold everything together so they are usable).  I did make a really big one and it was the gift.  I "wrapped" it in tulle.  I had a porcelain box on top with a $75 BRU gift card in it.  I never asked if she wanted is what I got/made for her.
  • Diaper cakes are too cute. It's a very cute way to kill two birds with one stone, have a really cute center piece for your babyshower and to gift diapers.
  • image Ivana.Stolichnaya:
    Every diaper cake I've seen involves diapers that the mom isn't interested in. 

    This. Unless it is a cloth diaper cake (which would be pricey) I am not interested in diapers that I do not plan to use, nor the time it would take to break the thing down.

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  • Do a search for diaper cakes on flickr.  There are some really cute ones out there.

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