3rd Trimester

Moms that plan to breastfeed...

Are any of you getting a formula to have on-hand just in case your baby does not take to breastfeeding?

If so, what kind? 

I hadn't even thought of that - but, I was just called to participate in a study and that question was asked...




Re: Moms that plan to breastfeed...

  • I don't plan to have formula on hand, as I want to make sure we give breastfeeding a really good shot. If we would really need some for some reason, I'm sure DH could run out and get it. No clue as to what brand though, sorry!
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  • With DD I had registered online with Enfamil and Similac.  They sent samples.  The hospital also had diaper bags filled with goodies.  Each style seemed to have a different kind of formula.  DH picked it and it had Good Start.

    The samples were all that I had on hand.  And, honestly, I forgot about them.  They expired and I threw them away recently.

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  • Yes, I do.  I also have every intention of supplementing with formula from day one if I need to.  I don't know what kind I will use.  I plan to ask our pediatrician. 
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  • No, I will not be doing that.
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  • I'm not. Baby won't starve in the time it takes to go get a container of formula, and not having it readily available as an option will hopefully give me a bit more impetus to work through rough patches.
  • I had acutally received some samples in the mail for similac and enfamil so I am keeping them on hand just in case that Breastfeeding does not work out for me. I did not plan to go out and purchase it myself. 
  • I don't plan to buy formula ahead of time.  If it's necessary then my dh can run out and get some.  I breastfed my son for 18 months and we didn't have formula in the house before he was born. 
  • The problem with buying formula ahead of time is you never know what KIND of your LO will need. Some have sensitive tummys, others have gas, some can just take whatever and be fine (a billion kinds to pick from). They recommend in my pregnancy book to wait till LO gets here and if you do have problems breastfeeding the nurses/doc at the hospital will assist you in finding the correct formula. I wanted to buy 1-2 cans myself to 'be prepared' but at $13-$20.00 a pop I wasn't going to waste the money in case it was the wrong kind!

  • I have taken a breastfeeding class and learned that it is ridiculously rare that a baby doesnt get enough milk, or cannot learn to latch properly, so I will be roughing through it if we have issues learning. That said.... I did just receive a full size can of formula from Nestle that is the kind that is as like breastmilk that is man made, so if we do need it, we'll have that. I figure I can rough out the learning part of BF, but I cant predict if I will have a hard time with baby blues or recovery, and in that case, having some on hand for DH to feed her isnt a bad idea. The stuff is good for over a year, so we can always donate it later to the foodbank if its not used.
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  • I got free samples in the mail during both pregnancies. I saved both just in case, but never had to use it the first time around and don't expect to this time around either.
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  • We have 2 sample cans of Similac Isomil advanced. We chose that because DD and I both have a long history of Milk allergies, so we decided to skip the hassle this time, and go for soy.


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  • I'll keep the stuff we get from the hospital on hand just in case but I'm not going to buy any.
  • I ebf ds for a year. I'm planning for things to go smoothly with this one but you never know. I will first try to pump if bfing isn't working at the beginning and then if I need to I will switch to formula. I have can of similac soy on hand (ds is milk sensitive and it is very likely this one will be too).
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  • No, but I do have a pump and a couple of bottles on hand in case latching is an issue.
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  • I asked this same q the other day!  A lot of people said don't bother to buy anything, because you get a ton of free samples AND the hospital will probably send some home with you. 
  • Yes. I am a big planner and my mom suggested that I have something on hand, so that if there are problems I won't be simultaneously panicking about the baby not eating and not knowing what kind of formula to get. After reading about formula from Dr Sears and other reputable sources, I decided to go with Similac Advance Early Shield. I THINK the Target Brand, up & up, Prebiotic formula is basically the same thing. If I can confirm that, I will get a container of the up & up formula instead of Similac.
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  • Nope, I'm the naive 1st timer who insists on doing the BFing. Of course every single one of my friends said the same thing and quit within a week. I WILL be stronger than them though!!
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  • Nope, I will not be buying anything. If we're determined enough to BF then it won't be an issue. 
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  • I plan to make a valiant effort to BF, but I do plan to have some formula on hand in case of emergency.  I was going to wait to see what kind of samples the hospital gave me and/or what the lactation consultant recommends. 
  • We won't have any on hand, no.  If the baby doesn't take to BFing, we'll be using the Nestle GoodStart, provided the baby likes it (I used it for my daughter with no problems).
  • I'm not going to buy anything, but I won't throw away any free samples we get.  With DD when there was a concern we needed to supplement, it came up after a couple of visits to the pediatrician, and they gave us the samples there that they wanted to us to use if need be.

  • I have some Similac samples that I received at my anatomy scan, but that's it.  If I hadn't received those samples, I wouldn't plan on having any formula in the house.
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    I'm not. Baby won't starve in the time it takes to go get a container of formula, and not having it readily available as an option will hopefully give me a bit more impetus to work through rough patches.


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  • No way. I would be more likely to give up if I was having a hard time.


  • I have some Similac samples that I got in the mail that I will probably donate to the women's shelter.  I will also get a can of the Nestle Good Start from the hospital.  I have a certificate for a free backpack from them and plan to use it as the daddy bag.  I used Good Start with my first after I had BM production issues. 
  • Thanks, Ladies!  I got a few free samples that I'll keep on-hand and we do have a 24 hour grocery nearby in an emergency...but, I plan to do everything I can to help him breastfeed...


  • Yes I do. I have Similac because that is what the hospital uses. I don't plan to FF but I figure having some on hand would be a good idea. A lot of my friends had trouble exclusively BFing and FF to supplement. 
  • Before DD1 was born, we got a couple Similac samples in the mail and at the hospital and Enfamil from the pediatrician, and those were all we had on hand. Having them didn't make me want to give up on breastfeeding; I ended up breastfeeding for 18 months but was still glad to have the formula just in case.

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  • I have a can of Similac just in case.  BF went horribly for my son when I had him and having the formula in the middle of the night was a lifesaver after a week of non-stop screaming and me crying.  I had it on hand with my daughter and never had to use it b/c bf went so smoothly.  So, I have a can just in case...every child is different.
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  • If you are delivering at a hospital, they usually load you up with tons of samples of the formula that they recommend, so you shouldn't have to worry about running out to get some if LO isn't taking to the breast.
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