3rd Trimester

How many felt good right up til labor began?

Everyone keeps telling me I won't be going into labor anytime soon because I'm still feeling too good.  I should feel sick, not be eating, stuff like that.  So I'm just curious how many out there actually felt very good up til the very end.
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Re: How many felt good right up til labor began?

  • I haven't gone into labor but overall I still feel great. The swelling has really reached a high point and it hurts my feet and ankles and if I'm on my feet for too long my back gets crampy but other than that I feel great! If I eat too much or something too heavy I feel sick for a little bit but it passes
  • My SIL did!  I hope you do too!
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  • With ds I did. I had a little trouble sleeping but no heartburn, I ate normally, no nausea. I went to a football game the day after my due date (and then went into labor at the game). This pregnancy is definitely different. Lots of heartburn, still nauseous, eating just doesn't sound good but I do and then feel sick after. Oh well! Gl
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  • I still feel pretty good. No labor signs for me yet. After dinner I usually get a little crampy but nothing consistent or progressive. The bladder pressure is the most uncomfortable part at this point. 

    I'm really hoping labor begins soon so I guess I should enjoy feeling ok while I can, huh?

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  • My SIL went camping over a weekend with her first - she came back Sunday night and had her baby girl on Monday morning. She said that other tan having more painful braxton hicks (or what she thought were braxton hicks) she felt great right up till they checked her in.
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  • With my first I started feeling kind of crummy the night before...just crampy and stuff but I thought it was just the Mexican food we had for dinner that night.  My contractions started the next morning.

    With my second I felt pretty much fine until that morning.  I threw up for the first time in months and just felt tired and not hungry at all.

  • With dd#1 I didn't even know I was in labor until my water broke! I cooked dinner, took a shower (even shaved!), and watched family guy like a normal Sunday night. I felt totally normal. Dh laughs now at the fact that I sat there in my living room laughing hystarically (sp?) at peter griffin while in labor! GL to you!
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  • I was induced twice and never felt bad before I went in.
  • I felt no different at the end when pregnant with DD until my water broke - sure, my feet were swollen, but overall, I felt fine.  This time around I feel like crap and have for the past week and am still here, so I don't know that there's anything to it!
  • I felt great with #1 right up until my water broke! 
  • Obviously I don't know when I'll be delivering, but I still feel great.  I went for a 4 mile hike on Sunday.
  • You guys make me feel better.  Thanks for this small ray of sunshine.  I have not heard an I felt as good as could be expected until the end until now. 


  • Hopefully they're wrong about that because I am still feeling great and overdue...
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  • i felt great right up until the day before he was born.  That week i was super-nesting, moving furniture etc and then the day before i felt like i couldn't get out of bed.  i just remember thinking it was strange how tired i was...funny, bc i never got to sleep that night due to contrax!!!
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  • I have been feeling bad since Sunday so I'm thinking it doesn't matter whether you feel good or bad!  With the cramping, increased Braxton Hicks, losing my mucous plug, nausea, frequent bowels, and achy body (feels like the flu without the fever), you would think I would have gone into labor by now.  So I say just be thankful you feel great and hopefully you will be lucky enough go into labor still feeling great! Smile
  • Other than my feet and ankles swelling and feeling tired, I felt really good with my daughter.  I actually went to a big party/cookout with my parents the evening I went into labor and was having fun socializing.  About an hour after I got home, my water broke..no contractions, nothing.  She was 3 weeks early, and I actually wasn't quite emotionally ready to have the baby yet.  I was kind of in shock.

    This pregnancy is kicking my butt...I've had a lot more BH contractions, ligament pain, HORRIBLE swelling, no energy, etc.  I cannot wait to have this baby!  I think that everyone and every pregnancy is different.  Although, I am hoping that this little one decides to arrive early too.  If he keeps pace with my daughter, he should arrive next Monday : )

  • I did. I had my baby on Sunday. For the most part i've felt fantastic since the end of the first trimester. That day I felt good (other than being frustrated that I was overdue) and ate a big Easter lunch, did Easter stuff w/ DD, came home had sex around 2:30 in an attempt to move things along. Started having mild contrax at 3, skipped active labor altogether and hit transition around 5:45, got to the hospital at 6:45 and DS was born @ 7:45. Never felt flu-like, had diarreah or any of the normal sigbs. My DD was a scheduled c/s so this was my first labor and delivery.
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