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Can they give antibiotics to a 5 month old?

My husband and older son went to the doc and they have been put on antibiotics for thier colds.  I have a cold too and so does my 5 month old son now and I am wondering when we go to see the doc if he can give my little guy antibiotics too or not.  TIA
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Re: Can they give antibiotics to a 5 month old?

  • We gave anitbiotics to Samuel for his ear infection. So yes. It was amoxicillin in a pink liquid.
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  • Yes, it will probably be amoxicillin.  DD was on it at 3 weeks old to prevent a UTI.
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  • Sure - they can.  My neice is 4 months old and has been on antibiotics twice already - once for an ear infection and once for pneumonia.

    However, many doctors are starting to be weary of over-prescribing antibiotics and don't prescribe them as frequently as they used to.

    FWIW, antibiotics are only effective for illnesses caused by bacteria and are ineffective for anything caused by a virus.  Chances are that antibiotics wouldn't help your LO much and the cold will just run it's course.

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  • DD had to have antibiotics in the NICU
  • They can give antibitoics to a 5 month old. Jackson took antibiotics when he was younger than that....

    But why would a dr prescribe antibiotics for a a cold? Antibiotics are used to treat bacterial infections. Colds are caused by viruses.

  • They gave my daughter antibiotics at BIRTH preemptively because they thought she might have an infection in her lungs because she swallowed meconium and amniotic fluid.  So, I hope it's okay!  She seems fine now at 2 1/2 months!
  • They can, and they probably will if you allow it, but the use of antibiotics in the first year of life has been linked to children developing asthma ln later years. Perhaps find a more natural remedy?
  • Yes, my LO is on one for an ear infection.

    But not for a cold. A cold is a virus. If the virus develops into an ear infection, then yes.

    They make it really easy to give them, and only twice a day.

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