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How much is 1 formula scoop?

long story short:

In & out of the ER twice this weekend. Went to the Dr. this morning. I'm on a BUNCH of medications so I can't nurse. This is my first time giving dd formula and it says to use the enclosed scoop but there isn't one. And it doesn't say how much a scoop is.

I assume it's 1 tablespoon.



Re: How much is 1 formula scoop?

  • Nope! Don't assume it's a tablespoon.

    One scoop = one scoop. AKA the scoop that comes with the formula. Don't use another measuring tool; only use the scoop that comes with it. 

    ETA: There isnt an enclosed one?! Hmm... Dig more, sometimes it's deeper. Otherwise call the manufacturer and ask. All the scoops are different sizes so you can't assume it's a tablespoon.

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  • Are you sure the scoop isn't in the lid? Buried in the powder?

    I think it's more than 1T but I could be wrong.

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  • Dig around in formula.  The scoop is ALWAYS buried in the formula and you have to just find it. 

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  • Are you sure it's not in there? Sometimes I have to dig around to find it buried under the formula. I have no idea how much a scoop is. Sorry!
  • The fvcking scoop was at the BOTTOM of the can!! WTF Similac!


  • Not sure exactally how much it is, sorry. Have you tried digging for the scoop with a knife? I feel like when we open a new can the scoop is always at the very bottom.

    ETA: Sorry about the ER trips. I hope you're feeling better!!

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  • yeah...the scoop is definitely in there somewhere.  make sure to not pack the formula in the scoop.  i scoop the formula up and then take a butter knife and tap the scoop on the side so that the powder falls into any of the air pockets.  then i fill the scoop up and level it off with the knife.
  • image *blondie*:

    The fvcking scoop was at the BOTTOM of the can!! WTF Similac!


    I hate that crap. I always keep an extra scoop handy when switching cans. The first time I had to dig I lost a bunch of powder because it spilled over the side.

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  • image *blondie*:

    The fvcking scoop was at the BOTTOM of the can!! WTF Similac!


    Lol we just started DD on Similac 2 days ago so I was about to pull out the scoop and a measuring cup to let you know- glad you found it though!  I hope the FF goes well!

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