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What's in your Diaper Bags?

Mom to be here and I'd like to hear about what you have in your diaper bags.
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Re: What's in your Diaper Bags?

  • Diapers, wipes, pacifier, at least one outfit, bottles, bottle of water, Tummy Soother, small bottle of baby powder, diaper rash cream, portable changing pad (came with bag), rattle, and a musical toy.
  • A better question is what's NOT in my diaper bag! haha!

    Diapers, wipes, changing pad, change of clothes, sun hat (now that it's warm - never know when we'll be outside!), pacifiers (at least 2!), toy, receiving blanket, burp cloths, Desitin, breast pads, my wallet (I rarely use my purse anymore!), teething toy, baby sunscreen... probably more stuff but this is what I can think of off the top of my head!

  • I have only used diapers, wipes, burp cloth, nursing cover, hand sanitizer, and a light up baby toy out of my bag.  I have an extra outfit (which I need to change out because of the size), nipple cream, a receiving blanket, and changing pad that I have not used yet.  I like it keep it simple.

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  • diapers
    Portable changing pad (with Desitin, powder, Clorox wipes and Wet Ones in there)
    extra change of clothes (sometims two)
    a sleeper
    extra onesies
    extra receiving blanket
    burp cloth
    gas drops
    hat, bib and socks
    travel baby lotion and wash

    I think that's about it.

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  • I keep the diaper bag in my car during the week. I pretty much just take him to daycare and then back home, but I like to have it in case we stop somewhere along the way. With everything else I'm carrying back and forth, it's simpler to just leave the diaper bag in the car. If we're going on a long outting, I'll add extra bottles/formula and diapers.

    bottle of water (4 oz) and powdered formula in a separate container

    pacifier and pacifier wipes

    5 diapers, travel wipes, changing pad, dirty diaper sacks

    bib, blanket, sleeper or onesie, hat, socks, bag for wet or dirty clothes

    diaper rash cream, mylicon, tylenol, baby orajel (which we don't need yet), saline spray, bulb syringe

    hand sanitizer and lotion for me

    set of travel sized baby wash, shampoo, lotion, and powder (which we only use when we're out of town, but doesn't take up much room, so I just leave it in there)

    ETA: and a burp cloth. And, he always has a pacifier with him in addition to the one that's in the bag.

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  • Diapers (and refill each time, my second time out with baby, I didn't have diapers)

    wipes, diaper cream, burp cloth, blanket, pacifier, extra outfit, hat, hooter hider, changing pad, bib, laundry bag for dirty clothes, scented bags for dirty diapers 

  • The only thing I have to add is a snack for me-- I keep a few granola bars in there for those times when we're out and I'm starving! I find that especially with the nursing I get really hungry without warning.
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  • -Diapers


    -Changing pad (came with the bag)

    -Extra sleeper and onesie

    -2 burp cloths

    -Nursing cover

    -My stuff (wallet, sunglasses, etc)

    Looking at other people's lists, I guess I don't have much in there!

    • At least two diapers (more if we'll be out for an extended period)
    • a travel case of wipes
    • disposable nursing pads
    • Desitin
    • nasal aspirator
    • an extra outfit for DS
    • 2 receiving blankets
    • 2 burp cloths
    • plastic bag for dirty diapers
    • changing pad
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  • Diapers (at least 4), wipes in a case, changing pad, hand sanitizer, diaper cream, a spare onesie, receiving blanket, 2 burp clothes, rattle, camera, diaper disposal bags, phone, headphones, bluetooth headset, keys, breast pads, chapstick and lip gloss, a couple granola bars, wallet.
  • Changing Supplies: Diapers, Wipes, Diaper Cream, Hand Sanitizer, Changing Pad

    Feeding Supplies: Nursing Cover, Burp Cloth, extra breast pads (Lanolin when I was using it)

    Just in case items: Extra Blanket, Sleeper, One extra head to toe outfit, Travel Size Baby Wash and Lotion, Gas Drops and Infant Tylenol, extra pacifier, a couple small toys

    My Stuff: Purse items (wallet, keys, phone, etc), bottle of water, snack, (pads when I was still PP bleeding) 

    ***This list is for an extended outing (i.e. traveled two hours away for Easter this weekend). For a quick run to the the store I just make sure I have diapers, wipes, sleeper (in case of blowout), blanket, and pacifier.

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    I also have 2 toddlers, so not including their stuff:

    - Diapers


    -Butt paste/Tylenol/Gas drops

    -Hand sanitizer

    -Burp cloth

    -Extra outfit and ziploc bag for dirty clothes

    -Changing pad

    -Nursing cover

    -Snacks for me



  • Let's see...a soothie pacifier, burp cloth, diapers, wipes, a mickey mouse rattle, an extra onesie, a pacifier thermometer, a bottle, a few nursing pads, a pair of socks, a bib, a travel size baby lotion, recieving blanket, disposable camera, baby sunglasses, nasal aspirator, desitin rash ointment, a changing pad, a baby beanie, my wallet, my cell phone, my car keys, and lasinoh nipple cream.
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