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Advice for pregnant mom who also has a 6month old

Hello Ladies,


I just found out I am 6weeks pregnant. (The Doctor thinks). We will get a ultra sound next week to confrim. I have a beautiful baby boy who is turning 6months. He is such a easy baby and delight.

Well surprise I am pregnant again. My husband and I are shocked but very hapy b/c we want a big family and we feel babies are gifts from God.

I consider you ladies experts on juggling two that are close together. Could you give me advice ? Any good websites on the subject? Also did any of you breastfeed and were pregnant? How long? I am open and considering weaning him at 8months. Right now I feel great other that tried and needed naps. 

It looks like this will be a challenge but a good one. Please bring on any advice or epereince my way.

PS we are keeping this a secret from our friends intil I am past 1st trimister.



Mommy J 


Re: Advice for pregnant mom who also has a 6month old

  • Congrats! I will have two 18 months apart, and I got my positive test when DS was 10 months. I was BFing at that point 4-5 times a day. We kept going, but it was hard bc I was so sick. We weaned at 13 months. But he was ready and so was I--I was 18 wks at the time. My nurse told me I had to stop when I found out, but i knew to do research and since I had no issues with preterm labor with DS, I knew it was safe. My advice would be to eat/drink a lot, and sleep as much as you can. You can continue BFing as long as you have no issues....go with what you feel is right.

    Other than that since I dont have 2 yet, I cant give you much advice. Being pg with a baby is hard, but you will be able to put your baby, who I assume is not mobile yet, in a crib, playard, exersaucer etc if you need a rest for a minute. GL with everything, it will all fall into place.  

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  • Catlin,Thank you so much! That is great to hear what your experience has been with Breastfeeding and being pregnant. So far I feel fine being pregnant and breastfeeding so maybe I will give this a whirl for a little longer and wean him closer to when the baby comes. They will be 13 months apart.

    I am naseused but surprising do not have a huge hugrey yet. I guess I am to early preganant to have the huge hungrier. My doctor said the same thing and I had that women have been doing this for centries so why not now!

    By the way you look so gorgeous in your pictures!!! Love love love them!

    I am super excited seeing your pictures!! THANK YOU Catlin! :) May you be very blessed in your labor and your babies bonding :) 

  • Oh my goodness I have so many misspelled words I sound nutty! I am nauseated and laying down.. You can soo tell I need to rest :)



  • Congratulations!  Just wanted to add, my supply took a huge drop around 8-10w and I just couldn't keep up (never had issues before).  Weaning DD at 11m was one of the hardest things about #2, which was a surprise for us too, but once I did, I haven't looked back. 
  • My ds is 6.5 months. I've been bfing him 5 times a day all this time. I never noticed a drop in supply. I have recently been giving him 2oz of formula a day in order to get him used to a bottle. I had some nausea weeks 6-10 but nothing compared to with ds. The only thing is that my nipples hurt soooo bad when he nurses and I think that's because of pregnancy. Also I haven't gained any weight yet but the dr hasn't commented. It's hard to eat 800 extra calories per day. I do really stay hydrated. Also it feels a little intimidating to think that I am providing nourishment for 3. But I keep in mind that God designed our bodies and somehow this is all working out right now for me.
  • you may have to mentally prepare to wean earlier than planned, but go as long as you feel comfortable- take in lots of extra water and calories.  I think having them that close may make it a little easier than a slightly bigger gap because it'll take your son less time to forget life as the only child. :-)  It took my dd a few weeks and she was 20 months when dd #2 was born.  You sound like you know God won't give you more than you can handle, so just remind yourself of this often!  :-)
  • Congrats!

    My biggest piece of advice is to eat/drink ANYTIME you feel like (especially if you do continue BFing) and rest EVERY chance you get. Baby naps=you nap.

    If you continue BFing, you will be sustaining two little ones and that's hard work.

    I got PG when #1 was 5 months while EBF and continued BFing her until she was 11 months. We did have to start supplementing at 9 months with formula though.


    It's a rollercoaster ride but well worth it :)

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