1st Trimester

What have you done so far?

So I am pretty sure everyone has a to do list before the baby arrives...from house work to prep.

What have you done to prepare for baby so far, if anything?

DH and I have not really started anything, I am still so tired...but i am feeling (i dont know what word to use here) anxious/guilty/stressed.....about not starting any of the to do projects.

So, what have you accomplished since your BFP to prepare for your baby?

Re: What have you done so far?

  • You have plenty of time.
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  • Nothing.  I probably won't do anything until we know if its a boy or a girl.

  • Hahaha...that's funny.  We've started talking with my cousin who handles my investments (has done so since I was about 21 or so) and works at Charles Schwaab.  I got SO involved with him, and we've also started a college fund. Not to say we intend on paying for all of kids' college - but a portion of it.

    We have started the registry, and I've started the tedious job of researching cribs, strollers, carseats and other safety-oriented, as well as performance and quality-based items.  We've started training Apollo Puppy in the fact that his needs will NOT come first at some point, with crying noises, and smells.

    We've also started reading What to Expect During the First Year, we're highlighting and bookmarking stuff to refer back to later when we need it.

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  • First thing on our list was to get out of our little apartment and buy a house. We just did that (woo hoo!) and now we are looking at color swatches for baby's room.

    Also, I've bought 2 things so far on impulse...a ducky towel with a hood and soft green and brown polka dot monkey blanket.

    That's about all for now!

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  • Baby Fund will be fully funded after our last transfer to that account clears today.

    We've skimmed Baby Bargains.



  • Since our BFP, all we've done is enjoy that we're pregnant.  Before that we did a lot, but because we were adopting.  We already have a nursery done (good thing I love it!).
  • I haven't done a darn thing yet, but I'm keeping a mental list of all the things we'll need to do to in the coming months.  The list keeps growing...

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  • I think I am going to make a list today...Excel here I come! :)

     Maybe that will make me feel more productive.

  • Nothing yet.  Making sure it sticks before we get too far ahead of ourselves.
  • I started to reasearch cribs and strollers.  Dh and I have sorta planned the placement of the nursery (2 on the way), and what we will do w/ the current guest room furniture.  We have time, so nothing else has been done.
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  • I bought a crib and dresser already. It was on sale at JCPenny and I loved it and it was exactly what I wanted. That's it.

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  • I'm an uber planner so I've been busy:

    • We've gone through the baby names books and picked out a couple for each sex but haven't picked anything for sure.
    • about halfway through Baby Bargains
    • did a walkthrough of BRU and decided we want white furniture regardless of sex
    • Pretty much picked our strollers - Uppababy Vista and Baby Jogger City Mini
    • Pretty much picked our infant carseat - Peg Perego Viaggio
    • Started looking at bedding options for girl/boy - it's hard to find non-cheesy/super themey stuff

    I haven't actually bought anything yet, but don't think I'll be able to hold out much longer.  The FIRST thing I'll buy once we find out the sex is a pair of baby Uggs :-)

  • Nothing, but we already have a 2 1/2 year old at home. The baby will use her stuff. We do have to get a new PNP (ours was recalled). If we're having a boy, we'll have to get him some clothes. They'll be sharing a room, so we aren't doing a nursery.
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  • The only thing I've done so far is find a new job so I can have some health insurance to pay for the delivery of this baby. That's a big thing though, right?
  • uum, nothing but seeing the doctor and taking my pre-natals.
  • image lilmgirl:
    Nothing yet.  Making sure it sticks before we get too far ahead of ourselves.

    having had a loss last year, this is what I really want to say to people who are buying cribs and choosing bedding at 8 weeks pregnant...

  • We've charted out the spare room layout with painter's tape (trying to figure out the best way to put two cribs in there!)   We've researched and looked at tons of cribs and are 99% sure on what we're getting.  We will order them in about 5 or 6 weeks, because it could take them 8-12 weeks to come in. 

    We've researched car seats that will hold two infant seats and are thrilled with the Baby Jogger City Select, plus we've found car seats that fit that stroller and my car.

    As for buying anything?  Just a couple of gender neutral outfits.  We won't paint or buy anything else until we know what we're having.

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    Our baby girl is here!
  • image wife1014:
    uum, nothing but seeing the doctor and taking my pre-natals.


    This exactly 

  • We've done nothing but obsess over possible strollers to buy. lol

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  • just some organizing/nesting type stuff. The guest room will become the nursery, and its closet as well as the hall closet was used for storage. so i spent an afternoon and got rid of a bunch of stuff, and consolidated into just the hall closet, so that now theres room for baby stuff in the bedroom closet when we do buy those things.

    Also this weekend i cleaned out my garage. not really in prep for the baby, but it was my excuse to finally get off my butt and get it done.  it was SUCH a mess - like TLC show worthy messy.... but now the floor is completely clear and everything is on shelves..... this way if we decide to hold onto the guest room furniture we have a place to store it until we sell it on craigslist

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  • Nothing.

    1) Too early.  I would hate to get really "involved" in planning what to do and then...not have the reason I was doing any of it.

    2) No energy.  Between the constant barfing and the fatigue, I felt like Wonder Woman when I cooked Easter Brunch for my whole family.  (And then really awesome when I didn't throw it up later!)

    Once I get into my 2nd Trimester and hopefully the risks will be even lower, and hopefully my energy level will pop up a bit, then we can get to the registering, nursery design, etc. 

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  • Not much. Put the house up for sale -- new build here we come! We aren't buying anything until after our 18w u/s. We want to make damn sure there are still 2 LO's in there before we start spending cash on big ticket items and registering.
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  • DH and I made a mental list of everything that needs to be done...oh and toured Babies R Us and ooo'd and ahhh'd at everything.  That's been pretty much it.  I'm too exhausted especially after coming home from work.
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