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when did you start showing?

Hey ladies I will be 15 weeks on Wed. and was wondering when you started showing. I am am at the edge of a normal bmi and a overweight bmi so I know I will take longer to start showing but thus far I just feel like I am getting fatter not pregnant....I have not gained but maybe 1 lb but still feel yucky.....please tell me there are others out there that felt this way and give me hope to feel pretty when pregnant.

Re: when did you start showing?

  • According to that evil BMI chart I'm TECHNICALLY overweight pre-preg. About 155 at 5ft4in. But I think it's all in my butt/boobs, so I don't really feel overweight. Anyways. I'm 16 weeks and have a bump already. I'm already in maternity pants and shirts. I can still wear some of my old shirts though. Though sometimes I still feel like I just have a big beer gut or something. lol.
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  • I was at the lower end of BMI and I started showing at about 14 weeks, but I have also gained a LOT of weight : (  But I know once baby gets here I won't have any problems taking it off!  Everyone is different, you will get your bump soon enough!
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    I was a tiny person to begin with and have only put on 4 pounds.  You can tell I am pregnant if I am wearing a super tight shirt, otherwise, it isn't very obvious.  I think it become more noticeable last week. 

    I have belly pictures in my blog - link in siggie.

  • Mine showed up at around 16 weeks or so (more obviously...probably to me only) and then by 18 weeks there was no mistaking it. I could still hide it in certain kinds of clothing and people were still surprised when I told them I was pregnant...probably up until 20 weeks. Now, I'm 22 weeks and each morning I wake up, I'm stunned at how quickly I'm growing. I am very obviously pregnant. So, before you know it...it will be there. Trust me:) Oh, and I hardly put on any weight until a few weeks ago and then POW...all at once. Everyone is different.
  • I started showing at around 20 weeks and I'm still in most of my pre-pregnancy shirts.
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  • I started showing around 18 weeks. I was in the middle to higher end of a normal BMI. I am still wearing a FEW pre-preg tops, but no pre-preg pants. It'll happen. Some girls are later than others when showing.
  • I started getting a little bump around 13 weeks and people commented non-stop about 17-18 weeks.  It'll happen for you soon and then you'll be wishing for the days you could still move easily.  These bumps get in the way!  :)



  • thanks everyone for the reply.....I just am tried of feeling like I am getting "fat" because all my clothe fit differently of the beauty of pregnancy
  • I had a normal BMI (on the higher side of "normal") and have always been athletic, though I carry my weight in my belly (thank you PCOS). Anyway...I'm almost 18 weeks, and while I've gained about 10lbs already, I'm not "showing" yet...I just look bigger. A stranger would not know I'm pregnant, but people who know me can tell I'm thicker in the middle.
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  • I am definitely in that stage where people can't seem to figure out whether I just gained a bunch of weight in my stomach recently or I am pregnant. I have gotten some looks at the office within about the last week. I definitely have a bump.
  • I am 21 weeks & not really showing.    You can tell if I wear something tight.  I am wearing most of my pre-pg shirts.   I have switched to maternity pants for comfort.   I was a size 12/14 pre-pg.
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  • My BMI prepg was 21 (healthy range). I am only now beginning to really show.
  • I'm 5'3" and 170lb pre pregnancy, so I'm not what one would call "small" and alas, I am still waiting for the bump to show.

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  • I just started showing at 20 wks. I seriously woke up and had just 'popped'. I know how you feel about not feeling like you 'look pregnant'. I was in that is she fat/is she pregnant? stage for far too long for my liking. Once you start to really show though, you should feel much better.

    I was pretty petite pp and have gained only 2 pounds. I am all belly and boobs at this point. It definitely was hard to see this belly out of nowhere but I am feeling better about it each day because I know it will all be worth it at the end. 

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  • Both times strangers could tell I was pg around 17 weeks. That's about the point my pre-pg dress shirts didn't fit anymore both times. I'm 5'4". With DD I started out at 132 lbs and a size 6, sometimes a 4. This time I started at 142 lbs and between a size 6-8. Both times I've pretty much averaged 1 lb/week weight gain.
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  • I'm 5 1/2 months but don't look it at all. People keep telling me how small I look. It's driving me nuts! I want to look like i have my little boy in there.

    You'll get there....we all will!  :)

  • I was showing at 16 weeks.

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  • Dh and I could tell around 13 wks. It became obvious to most people by 15 wks. I am very small and have gained all my weight in the belly - so that is part of the reason my bump showed so early.

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  • I'm thin, so DH and I could see the beginnings of a bump around 13 weeks.  But if you didn't know my normal shape you wouldn't know at all, so we'll have to see when the rest of the world thinks I am showing.

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  • I wasn't obviously pregnant until 27 weeks...


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  • My BMI pre-pg was 17.5, but I wasn't considered underweight, I've just always been "tiny."  I have gained 5 lbs since becoming pregnant but am not really showing yet.  I have a tiny bump, but can only really notice it if I wear a tighter shirt....it looks more like a gut though lol
  • I'm still not really showing, but if I wear a really tight shirt it would be a question of - did she eat too much or is she pregnant.
  • People started to notice around 14-wks, but there was no more questions around 16! Big Smile
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  • Some people I know who I didn't tell I was pg asked me if I was around 13 weeks because I had a little pooch. I started popping around 17 weeks. Now its a clear bump.
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  • It was a definite bump for me at 22 weeks.
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  • I am not quite 13wks pregnant and look 4months if not more. Before I got my huge suprise of this baby. I had finally gotten a close 2 flat stomach that took me almost nine year's 2 achive. When I go places people notice. I feel dumb saying that I am barley out of my first trimester. So it can stink both way's. This is also my 3rd baby so I guess the muscle's I once owned r not very tight. Don't worry sweetie, soon enough u will b asked how pregnant u r by every stranger that passes. (what fun)
  • I was about 16 weeks when I stopped being able to comfortably button pre-preg pants and jeans.  I was like 24-25 weeks before anyone who didn't know I was pregnant could tell that I was pregnant. 
  • i have a higher bmi but i started showing at 16 and really blew up at 18..

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  • I'm 16 weeks today and also on that edge.  I feel like I'm just turning the corner from just looking pudgy around the middle to thinking I look pregnant.  Maternity clothes are still a little big on me but are more comfortable.
  • I'm around size 16 pre-preg, I was worried I wouldn't look pregnant but you can tell now at almost 17 weeks.  My belly is much rounder.  I still have a couple of pre-preg pants that I fit into, and it isn't as noticible when I where them because they suck me in a bit. I love wearing maternity pants with a full panel because when you kind of let it all hang out is when the belly really shows.  Plus, I walk around rubbing my belly all the time, so people must think I'm either pregnant or a weirdo :).
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