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I've just noticed that some of you already names picked out for your LO's, and I was curious what people's process for deciding on names has been? Family names? Already picked out for a long time?

 DH and I so far are really good at pointing out names that we don't like. We have a book, and so far we have names that we tolerate but don't really love. I know it's a personal process for everyone, but we really need something to mix it up over here, and any suggestions are appreciated!

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Re: Names?

  • For our girl name, Mackenzie Elizabeth, I've had it picked out for a while. I love the first name and Elizabeth is my mom's name, and my middle name.

    I thought we picked a boy name, but now DH isn't sure. I like using family names, especially for middle names. And we're leaning toward Scottish/Irish names because that's our heritage.

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  • I refuse to pick names and be concrete on them until I am at LEAST 7 months. I know I will change my mind a gazillion times between now and the time the baby is born. I'd rather not stress about it.

    Oh, and we have don't have any 'rules' we follow. If we like it, we like it, and we might use it.

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  • My dad has never been in the picture and so I have no male influences on my side of the family.... so I really had NEVER even thought about a boys name....and didn't have a family name to pass on.

    The only name I even ended up liking was Max. And I don't know why...maybe cuz I have never known a Max before, and I didn't want a name I would associate with anyone else.  I don't even know where I heard the name....may from the "Where the Wild Things Are" movie haha but it's not like I'm naming my baby after that movie.

    I had gone though baby name books and never found anything I liked. It kind of just hit me and I was like....Max is cute! 

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  • I believe you have to meet the baby first, lol :)

    My twins weren't named until they were a day old!

    Claire Zoe, 10.26.10


    Brady Phoenix, 8.29.09


    Abigail Noelle, 8.29.09

  • Our names aren't set, but they are what we are learning towards.  Dh especially! Emma Lynn and Cody Patrick.  Emma is just a name one of us said and we both instantly said we love it.  Lynn is from me, my middle name.  Cody comes from a little boy we both worked with once who was the cutest and dearest little one we had ever met.  We fell in love with him and his name (my family hates it) Patrick is DH's dads name.  He passed away about a year and a half ago. 

    I was never sold on having a family name involved and I still don't care, but both of these names seem to fit.  I've also heard that you can think you have the name picked, but at the last sec. you look at your new LO and realize it just doesn't fit.  So I guess we'll wait and see.

  • The nurses at the hospital had to ask a few times what the baby's name was going to be.  I figured after I had been through labor, my husband would feel sorry for me and I had more leverage for the name I wanted.  Hence our LO Hunter:)
  • We have a spreadsheet where we file names we like. We're set on a girl's first name (middle name is up for debate) and we have a boy's full name that we like, but we're not 100%.

    Until we find out for sure what we're having, I think we're just going to keep tossing names around until something feels right.

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  • We found a boy name and a girl name that we liked almost a year ago. We heard the name, thought it sounded great and havent changed our minds since.
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  • We have a boy's name picked out (it's a family name), but we cannot agree on a girl's name. It's a good thing we have time to decide! lol

  • We like family names to an extent. My DD's middle name is my middle name, which is my mom's middle name. So I always knew my first daughter would have our middle name. The first name was one DH said one night as we were falling asleep and it stuck!

    For this LO, if it is a boy, his middle name will me after my dad. For a little girl, her middle name might be the same as my little sister and my SIL's. 

    So far we have narrowed it down to 4, 2 for boys, 2 for girls and we'll pick when we meet our LO. The choices are:

    1. Oliver Scott
    2. Maxwell (Max!) Scott
    3. Olivia Jane
    4. Grace Catherine
    I know it's early...but I'm kinda OCD. haha. We may change our minds, but it's fun to talk about!
  • We've had ours picked out for awhile. Nora Anna for a girl. We just love the name Nora and Anna is my sister's middle name. For a boy we have Nolan Adam. We love the name Nolan. In SO's family the son has the father's first name as a middle name.
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  • I'm new to the bump but I figured I should put in my comment since we are having the name conversation often these days.  We have Jude Daniel or Caroline Grace, but lately I have been thinking about Ryan (for a girl).  Not too sure about the girl name but the boy is going to stick I'm sure.

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