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could use some advise now please

Hello!  My DS has now been crying for half an hour, I am not sure that I can let him cry it out, it is killing me!  What did you all do to help your LO sleep through the night.  May I add that he will be one next week, has just had a bottle at 12:30 and will lay down as long as I am standing over his crib, it is when I walk out of his room that he screams!

Please help a very tired mommy!

Re: could use some advise now please

  • My little one is much much younger than your's, but I might try a modified CIO.  Meaning that you go in every 5 minutes or so just so he knows you are there, but then leave again.  I know some people that did this and eventually, it works.  If he is still crying after an hour, then he probably isn't ready to sleep yet.

    Of course, I say this, but I don't think I could ever do it.  CIO scares me! 

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  • I'm 32 and I still don't STTN...... but he should be able to chill without being able to see you.

    Have you tried sitting in his room, out of sight?   You could also try a side-car arrangement or a PNP in your room as a transition point.  Do naps work in his crib?  Some babies only fight at night.

    Start with little steps, getting him comfortable in his crib, or sleeping without you.  Then you can graduate to longer spans of sleep at night.  Baby steps!

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