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Anyone use gDiapers??

Hey ladies,

I'm looking for both good AND bad experience stories with gDiapers. I really want to use them, but had a chance to play with them at Babies R' Us and now I'm not so sure. They seem like an AWFUL amount of work... I used plain Pampers disposables with my first and am really convicted about the environment so I wanted to use something eco-friendly and compostable. Questions to think about: How have your experiences been? Are they user-friendly? Do they leak? Where do you throw your soiled wipes while you're in the midst of a diaper change without having a diaper to throw them into? I hate to invest $150 into a starter kit and hate them! Thanks everyone!

Re: Anyone use gDiapers??

  • I got 3 of them w/ inserts from freecycle.  I think that the fact that people are giving them away says a lot. 

    I have never used the disposable/flushable/compostable inserts.  I worry our plumbing couldn't handle it and the thought of having to swish/break up the insert in the toilet is gross to me.  I guess I am hanging onto them for a trip or something? 

    I have heard if you really want to compost them it's a lot of work because you end up w/ a massive amount of compostable material.

    Using a tri-folded small prefold as an insert they are decent @ holding pee, but I don't know if I would trust them w/ a big poop. 

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  • They are a lot of work.  Much more so than cloth diapers.

    For the short while that we used them, we had a lot of leaks.  The leg holes just seem to fit "wonky".  We never got a great fit with them.  The pee inserts are compostable, but you still have to either flush or or toss the poop inserts.  I don't think it's realistic to be able to compost all the pee inserts either.  And I've heard a lot of people say that the inserts clogged their toilets when flushed.  Plus, if you use the disposable inserts, they're not any cheaper than using disposables.

    We've found cloth to be much easier, cheaper, and cleaner.

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  • Thanks for the info! What kind of cloth do you use? I have heard good things about Bum Genius too... but I have never looked into them.
  • gdiapers is what caught my eye when I was pregnant too, then I did some research. If you are looking at it for the disposable inserts, I rate them ok... not great. We have them and use them for travel and weekends at the beach where it woudl be inconvenient to handle cloth diapers. They weren't out yet when I bought my gdiapers, but Flip and Grobaby are better options. Flip being I think the more convenient because they also sell, gdiaper like disposables and cloth inserts. I'd buy Flip if I wasn't so invested already in gdiapers.

    I wouldn't recommend gdiapers as a full time option. In my experience they tend to leak becuase you don't have a great seal around the legs. If you're going to go that route, there are much better options. AIOs and pocket diapers are awesome. Consider it. Cloth diapers doesn't have to mean prefolds and pins (or Snappi). There is a wealth of support and info on this board for CD.

    I currently have 3 kids in cloth diapers full time. I'd never go to disposables. My kids haven't even ever been in one except at the hospital.

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  • I used gdiapers for 2 months and in that time they clogged my pipes so awfully that it cost $200 to snake them. The outer shell is thin and DD would constantly feel damp. I would have to double stuff them at night to get any kind of absorbancy so I was blowing through inserts like crazy. And I should mention that the inserts are not cheap. So I went and bought their cloth inserts and they are thin and flimsy. DD would leak out of them in a half hour. The elastic would cut into DD's waist and after having to wash them so many times becasue they were constantly getting pooped on the elastic got stretched. And the waterproof liners catch all the poop so you have to constantly wash them. They get really stained also. It's gross. So I decided to transition to cloth. Vest decision I ever made. I never pistured myself as a cloth user! But we got a bunch of All In Ones which are easy to use and are much like regular diapers and haven't looked back since.

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  • Here's a link to a different thread a while back.
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  • image mrtillotson:
    Thanks for the info! What kind of cloth do you use? I have heard good things about Bum Genius too... but I have never looked into them.

    We have a variety - prefolds, FuzziBunz, Goodmamas, Swaddlebees all-in-ones, Sun Seedlings, etc.  We like different diapers for different situations.

    We like the bumGenius all-in-ones when DD was smaller, but we're big fans of the one-size.  It just depends on what works for your baby!

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