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ModPeaPod Reviews?

Has anyone ordered from Mod Pea Pod?  How was your experience?

I would also love to hear from someone who has received their bedding and can give information on quality, fabric colors compared to their website, and over all construction etc....

Thanks :-)  I hate ordering thing before I get a chance to see and touch it IRL!

XP from 2nd Tri!

Re: ModPeaPod Reviews?

  • I just received mine on Wednesday and I could not be happier! I got the sweet pea giraffe and pillow with his monogram and it all looks awesome!  I ordered swatches for my bedding before I actually ordered the set and everything is exactly like the swatches.  The quality is good, the colors are pretty accurate, and it only too 4weeks and 3 days to receive it.  I will be ordering baby #2's bedding there if and when we have more babies!
  • Email me at stellarspas at gmail . com for insider information.  Don't want to post lengthy review. 
  • Do not order from!! I recently received my order from Mod Pea Pod. I was hesitant about ordering online, but I did anyway since the website looked pretty professional and I had read a few good reviews. Although the bedding was what we ordered, Tracy Erickson (the owner) sent our drapes in a completely different fabric than was ordered and the length was 13 inches too short. We decided we could work the drapes into the nursery, but the length was way off (we had purchased an additional 2 ft.). We contacted Tracy and her response was that we could return them. Well, of course we wanted curtains for the nursery and just wanted the proper corrections made in length since we had paid for them and again her response was just to return them and that no corrections could be made. I am highly dissatisfied in her careless, unconcerned attitude and unprofessionalism in handling the mistake that was made on her part. She never even apologized for all of this hassle. You would think that someone who makes nursery decor would at least understand the large part they play in the excitement of expecting a new baby and not try to ruin the experience. I would not recommend ordering from, especially considering the awful customer service!!

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