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for those who'd had their membranes stripped...

For those of you who had your membranes stripped when pregnant.....was it successful for you? How long did it take for you to enter labor?

I had my membranes stripped today at 11:45. I have been crampy and had some bleeding (which my midwife said was totally normal) and now just waiting.  I know that it's not always successful, so I thought I'd see what your experiences were!  Thanks!

Re: for those who'd had their membranes stripped...

  • I had mine stripped at 39 weeks.....nothing happened.  Then at 40 weeks...which was a Wednesday and I started having contractions on Friday night...had her Saturday night.

     I don't know if that helped or it was just time. 

    The stripping membranes....HURT like crazy....I think the 2nd time was worse!

    Good luck!!

  • I had mine stripped at my 40 week appt( 2 days overdue) I was already 4 cm dilated though. But I went into labor withen 6 hours and had her 6 hours after that!

    Good luck:)

  • I had mine stripped at 37 weeks and ended up being induced on my due date. 

    Good luck.  I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.

  • Had mine stripped at 39 weeks and was induced at 40w3d.
  • very successful! I was in labor about 8 hours later:o) I was 4 cm and 100% effaced.
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  • I had mine stripped at 39 and 40 weeks.  I was crampy and had contractions after she did it at 39 weeks, but the contractions only lasted one night and went away.  The next week (Friday) I still hadn't made anymore progress (2cm) but she did it anyway.  I had contractions all Friday night, but nothing serious.  Then Saturday night I was leaking amniotic fluid.  I wound up having a high leak of my bag of water and went to the hospital.  She was born on Sunday:O)
  • I had my membranes stripped on my due date. I had been having contrax for 3 days prior, and as soon as she stripped them, I jumped from 7 minutes apart to 3. I was admitted to hospital 6 hours later, and my son was born 5 hours after that.
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  • I had my membranes stripped and i went into labour that night. My labour however lasted about 24 hours, not saying yours will but mine did. And yes bleeding is normal as long as it is not like a period (if you loose a big clot looking thing it is your plug. I lost mine and freaked cause I didn't know what it was) and cramping is also normal but if it gets unbearable go in to the hospital. I hope it happens soon for you :D 
  • I had mine stripped on a wednesday morning appt, it didnt hurt.  I was 1 cm dialated. I had some bleeding and then had contractions starting Thursday am at 5.  We went to the hospital at 10pm Thursday and had Soleil Friday at 4:56 am!


  • I had my membranes stripped at 39 weeks, on a Friday, and went into labor and delivered on Monday.  I have no idea if the stripping helped or not  :)
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