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Help need your advice on Organic Formula!


My son who is almost 6 months is about to go to breast to formula. I want to give him organic and I want to hear what you think is the best and best price.

Earths best and Babys only I have been reading about. Any of you use them and what do you think? Where is the cheapest place to buy?


Also have you heard that Parents choice Organic is the same company that makes Earths Best and it is $10 cheaper. ( i found a post saying this I wonder is that is true)? 


PS. I just found out I am pregnant!!  I am Shocked and excited. If any of you have babies close together bring on the advice!! 

Thanks Ladies,

Moma J



Re: Help need your advice on Organic Formula!

  • Well congrats on expecting!  Exciting!

    I recently started researching organic formulas as we werethinking we might need to supplement.  I am basically convinced that Baby's Only is the best choice.  I read a lot on their website and I like what I see.  I'm not into the added DHA and ARA that most formulas seem to be pushing, and Baby's One does not add those ingredients.  It is pricey, but worth in in my opinion.  GL!

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  • MegDCMegDC member
    We use Earth's Best and DD loves it! Babies r us is usually cheapest for us.
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  • Check out my 2nd to most recent blog post about this very topic. 

    In short, when I had to switch to FF we switched to similac organic.  Then I found info that made me not so comfortable with that and I researched more.  Baby's Only was then my first choice, then Earth's Best. 

    Unfortunately (and I haven't updated with this info) DS did not like Baby's Only and both that and Earth's Best upset his belly for some reason (screaming fits after eating very little), so unfortunately we've had to go back to Similac Organic.  I keep telling myself it's just a little over 4 months left. :(

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