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how many times and oz do you pump each day?

just wondering....

Please put if your breastfeeding, bottle, formula or a mix.

I'm starting to pump to freeze and wondering how much I might actually need to be pumping.  I only seem to pump about 2 oz per 15 min pumping session. 

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Re: how many times and oz do you pump each day?

  • I pump 4 times a day and get 4-7 oz per pump.  I breastfeed when at home and she gets breast milk in a bottle 3 times a day while at work; sometimes 4 times.
  • Depends on the time of day and when DD last bf'd.  This morning, I got 4oz from one side in about 10 minutes.

     Usually I get about 3 oz in 15 minutes.  I pump a few times a day, when I have time.

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  • I'm still on leave so we BF exclusively, but I added in a morning pumping session and get 5oz off one side and 2-3 oz off the other (but I only pump one side per day, they just give different amounts). I pump for 15-17 min.
  • on the left side i can get 5oz

    on the right 2.5-3 oz the most

    and that within 10min -15 min

  • I BF during the day and pump & bottle feed breast milk at night. I normally pump 2 oz from each side.  Takes 5-10 minutes.  I don't pump until I'm dry.  I just pump what he will eat in one meal.
  • I am breastfeeding and also giving DD a bottle of breastmilk (1 per day). When I pump in the morning, after DD's first feeding, I can usually get 4-5 oz. I use an electric double-pump and usually pump for about 10-15 minutes.

    If I have time (or energy) to do another pumping session, I usually get about 2 oz. The more you pump, the more your body will respond by producing breastmilk. I get the most when I pump in the morning (that's when your body produces the most milk). I also eat old-fashioned oatmeal each morning because it's supposed to encourage the production of breastmilk... hope that helps! 

  • I pump right after my first morning feed and get anywhere from 3-6oz.  When I pump to replace a feeding, I get about 4oz or so, depending on the time of day (less in the evenings, more in the mornings).
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    I EBF and give 1 bottle of BM at night (4-5 ounces).

    I pump twice a day, once in the evening and once in the morning.  They vary greatly in production due to the different times of day, but generally I get about 7-10 ounces per day.

    I'll be returning to work in 2 weeks and pumping at the office.  So I'll be curious to see what I'm getting then.

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  • I pump 3-4x/day (early AM, late morning/early afternoon, sometimes a late afternoon, and then an early evening- before I go to bed).  I get anywhere from 2-5oz total per pump- depending on the time of day, etc...

    I EBF during the day (unless I take a nap and my mom or MIL watch him and then he'll take one pumped bottle)... and then DH feeds him 2 bottles at night while I take a 4 hour sleep shift.

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  • I pump at 9 and 11 pm since DS has dropped those feedings because he goes to bed at 7:00. I get 4-5 oz. at each pumping.
  • Have you accessed  It's a great resource overall for lots of bfing questions.  To figure out how much you should be getting estimate the total ounces a day that baby is consuming, then divide by the # of hours that have passed and then by half, for your 2 breasts.  That should give a good estimate of what to expect.  But also you might produce more during certain times of day, like late night/early morning so the formula isn't perfect.  For example if your 2 month old is consuming 20 ounces a day: 20/24 hours=.8 ounces/hr, .8ounces/2 breasts=.4 ounces each breast per hour.  So if 4 hours have passed since your breasts were empty then you'd expect to get 3.2 ounces.  Remember that a pump will not drain the breasts as effectively as the baby will.
  • I pump 2x per day while i am at work and usually get 5oz each time.  I BF when I am at home.  Since my DS has been eating more at daycare I have had to add 2 oz of formula (already mixed) to 4 oz of BM
  • i pump at least 3 times per day.

    morning is the best pump and i can get about 5-6 ozs total. the rest of the pumps are about 3-5ozs @ each pumping.

    i'm feeding DD strictly breastmilk. i have about 60 ozs in the freezer and she goes through about 16ozs at daycare each day. otherwise i breastfeed her

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