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Bfing Moms at work - where do you pump?

I'm copying this over from other boards as well, so I apologize for the duplicate, but I need some advice!

I'm jumping the gun by sneaking over to 3-6, but just learned my office is moving spaces and I'll be losing my private office where I once intended to pump in complete privacy. 

I'll be in a new shared office space and as far as I can tell this building as no spaces set aside for pumping.  Even though the bathrooms are clean, I dislike this idea. 

Where do you go and how did you approach getting this space (if you had to) with your boss or company (Mine is less than 50 employess so the new Obama health care bfing law does not apply).

Re: Bfing Moms at work - where do you pump?

  • I just told my boss (a man) that I intended on Nursing and I'd have to pump at work.  I work in a 3 bedroom home with 1 bathroom.  I just ask him if he needs to use the restroom cause I was going to be in there for a few minutes.  He was fine with it.  His wife nursed when they had kids so it made it easier since he knew what I'd be going through.
  • I am lucky enough to have a pumping room at work.  But I have borrowed an office when the pumping room was in use.  Would you be able to work something out where you could use an empty office for 1/2 hour a few times a day? 

    I've also pumped in my car.  Not ideal, but IMO better than the bathroom!  I used a hooter hider and got the car charger for my pump on ebay.

  • I have a private office, but I have to tell you that it feels so odd to have my "goodies" hanging out in my office.  I lock the door, draw the shades, but I still feel so weird. 

    I agree with pp's, I would probably avoid the bathroom at all costs.  See if they'll let you borrow a private office a few times a day.  Good luck!

  • The bathroom. It's the only place where I can have any privacy. I work at a dental office.
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    They created a pumping room.  It has a couch, a fridge, a phone, and a radio.  Previously there was an empty office that was used, but since that is now filled they had to create a new space.  Such a relief because since that office was filled I thought I was going to have to do it in the bathroom!

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  • What state are you in?  because California has a law ensuring a private space.  I work at a Cal State University in a biology lab with no private office space.  I have access to a keyed private room across campus in the library but never bothered with that.  I just used a small closet type empty lab room that no one used much.  
  • I actually use my bosses office since I work in a cube. She has no problem with it.

    If you will be sharing an office with some one, could you ask that person if you could get 15 minutes to yourself? I'm sure they'll be understanding.

  • I am going to have a simular situation.  We are in the process of having a new building built and are in a temp space.  I am in a cube since I was spending 3 of the 9 months we are there on leave.  There are offices but everyone shares and everyone is male except the office admin.  I am planning on using the car, one of the offices when people are out (we talked and they are fine with it.) I am also frezzing a lot of milk incase my supply drops due to this issue.  Additionally, DD daycare is not that far away so I may drive there at lunch and nurse her.
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