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Opinions needed!!!!

I caught a student who plagerized (sp?) his ENTIRE paper.  I mean he took another student's paper (in the same class- mind you) and put his name on it.  He had access to it because his girlfriend is the sister of the girl he stole the paper from and they both used the sister's computer to type their papers.  I mean he took the entire paper, changed the name and deleted maybe two sentences.  He even kept her typos.  He even copied and pasted two more whole paragraphs from another website and he's so dumb that he didn't even pay attention to the fact that he got the info from a website that had a darker/ colored background and when he copied and pasted it, it had a background shadow.  That is bad enough, right?  Well, when I caught him, I told him that we are all going to talk (me, the girl and the boy).  He had a "coughing" fit and ran off, allegedly to the bathroom.  Well, I got a male security guard to go check and lo and behold he had disappeared!!!  Well, I write him up for insubordination, cheating and lying (to another person regarding the same issue). 

Well, I was told that he can't get in trouble for plagerism!!!  REALLY!!!  Okay, lying is against the rules but stealing someone else's work isn't?  This is why our students has such a disconnect between the real word and school.  How is plagerism any different than lying!?!?!  He did get two zeros though. 



Re: Opinions needed!!!!

  • Is this HS?  BC in college you can get kicked out for it.  I'm sure there are some sort of consequences.. there should be.  Call it what you what, stealing, lying, what ever but it should be addressed.
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  • Ummm..plagerism is the same as stealing and lying...I am shocked that the school that you work for doesn't see it that way.  Don't they believe that they should instill this in their students so that they can go to college and be successful?  Can you imagine if you had turned in a plagerized paper in college?  Oh my gosh!  I am furious at the school system for you! Shame on the lack of concern that they have with this issue!  Geesh!
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  • I taught a college course as part of my scholarship in grad school and had a very similar thing happen with two of my students.  Fortunately, the honor code was a little harsher there, but its amazing to see what kids think they can get away with....I hope your school supports you and he learns this valuable lesson now rather than later down the road when the penalties are much more harsh. 

  • Yes it's HS.  In my HS we had an "Honor Pledge" that we had to put on our papers and we got suspended for cheating.  I thought that was standard practice in all schools. 

  • What level is this?  I'm giving the serious side-eye to your school if he can't get in trouble for plagiarism.
  • I dont know what grade you teach, but even when I was in highschool if you got caught plagerizing a paper, you automatically fail the entire class, not just the paper , the whole class. And in college you can get expelled for that crap. I cant believe you are not allowed to punish a student for that, I think your school seriously needs to reconsider their policy about this.
  • What you've described is the definition of plagiarism. How does your school define it?
  • Wow.  I just busted two kids for plagiarizing a character analysis.  They automatically got zeroes, then I had to call their parents to let them know.  One of the mothers told me, "I didn't get that from Pink Monkey--I got it from CliffsNotes!"  Umm...seriously?!  Parents like that are the reason kids think it's okay to do stupid stuff like copy and paste entire essays.  I am so frustrated by the sheer lack of responsibility that my students show, and I'm seriously thinking about getting out of teaching because of it.  An administration like yours, OP, would only encourage me more!
  • What grade level do you teach?  In college, you automatically failed the class and got put on academic probation for cheating or plagarism.  Were were allowed to use material from other sources, but we had to either footnote it or name the source in the body of the paper. 

     In high school, I don't remember there being an "official" school wide policy, but most of my teachers had some kind of classroom policy and made us sign a paper at the beginning of the school year stating that they had gone over the policy with us and that we understood it.  Some of them just gave you a 0 for that assignment, for others it was automatic failure of the class.  I can't believe your school is telling you that you can't punish him for plagarism!  Plagarism is both stealing (you are taking someone else's work) and lying (trying to pass the work off as your own)

  • Is there a rule in the handbook stating it? If not, he may not be able to get in trouble. I thought all schools had that rule. In my school, you got a 0 on a paper/test if you cheated/plagerized. Unless you were dating the teacher's son. (A girl got to keep her perfect 4.0 for this and beat me out for top rank bc I got a B in the same class.)

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