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Good baby books?

Any new mom's have recommendations on books I should be reading?  At this point I should probably stop reading the pregnancy books and start thinking about when LO arrives.  I'm very inexperienced with all this - never having babysat as a kid - so I'm looking for good resources to keep around the house.  Thanks!

Re: Good baby books?

  • So, I quit my job a month before my due date just in case my LO came early.  She ended up being 3 days late.  I spent that month reading every book in the library.  Let's just say you definitely can be too informed.  It really made me a much more nervous new mom knowing everything I "should" do and what I should "NEVER" do.  My mom finally came to visit after 2 weeks and assured me my instincts would be better than anything in the books I read and she was right!  If you do everything by the book, you will go insane.  However, I DO recommend watching "Happiest Baby on the Block."  You can rent it from the library or catch it on Netflix.  We just watched it the other day and our baby is 2 months.  His tips are a miracle and seeing them in action is 100% better than reading them in a book.  GOOD LUCK! Big Smile
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