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Avent bottle users.. warming bottles

12 wk old DD is now taking the bottle 2-3xs a day (Yipee)!!  I've been warming the bottle with hot water, but I'm thinking how do I do this on the go?  I noticed some of my bottle holders etc... won't fit the 9 oz bottle because it's so wide.  Will that be the case when I look for a bottle warmer?  How do you warm your bottles?  Especially when out and about?  If u use a bottle warmer what brand?

 Unrelated- How many ounces does your baby take?  She's been  happy with 4 oz every 3 hrs or so, but I wonder if that's enough?  She's almost 11lbs now.


Re: Avent bottle users.. warming bottles

  • are you FF?  We are FF and when we are out i bring bottled water and powder formula instead of the ready to feed kind.  DS will take a bottle at room temp, i dont always make it really warm. 


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    I have the Avent bottle fits the 4-9 oz bottles.  Even the cheap one that looks like the avent one (walmart brand I think) fits the avent bottle.  You can even take the insert thingy out to fit larget bottles.
  • She gets it RT when we're out.

    We have a My First Years bottle warmer for home

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  • Target sells a car bottle warmer that'll fit the avent bottles. ?It was only 16 dollars. ?I have yet to test it; I would have killed for one when I took the baby to my MIL's surprise party at the park.
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